Monday, 26 December 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Best of 2011

So it's the end of another year in music and, in my opinion, it's been a goodun'.

A year that featured Peej's astounding second Mercury prize win, Beyonce winning over a cynical Glastonbury crowd with sparkly pants and a whole lotta weave during her headline set and Warpaint's dreamy debut album is a year that should be celebrated and celebrated it will be.

And, yes I know there are slightly bigger music websites like Pitchfork and The Quietus that may be putting together an end of the year review but I believe nothing will top my review because I, dear readers, have Azealia Banks, Sneakpeek and Katy B. Nothing beats that hand.

NB. This mixtape is best enjoyed whilst getting ready for a New Year's Eve party complete with cheap wine and badly applied eye liner.

1. 212- Azealia Banks
2. Walk All Over Me- Sneakpeek
3. Bizness- Tune Yards
4. Undertow- Warpaint
5. The Words That Maketh Murder- PJ Harvey
6. My Mistakes- Eleanor Friedberger
7. Gulags For Slags- Suburban Mousewives
8. On a Mission- Katy B
9. Heaven- Emeli Sande
10. White Hot Fantasy- SPF 5000
11. Till The End Of Time- Beyonce
12. I Heard You Say- Vivian Girls
13. Mother Knows Best- Throwing Up
14. I'm Not Stupid- Cat's Eyes

Friday, 23 December 2011

Sleigh Bells Announce New Album

Bass enthusiasts Sleigh Bells have come out of hiding to announce the title of their forthcoming second album and have decided to throw a little taster our way.

The Bells released a rather slick trailer video to announce their second album, Reign of Terror, which is set for release on February 13 2012 on Mom + Pop Records.

Produced by Derek E. Miller their extremely enthusiastic PR described the album as featuring "songs that are as crushing and authoritative as their title suggests; they're effortlessly robust and heavier than any of the band's previous output ... the sonic equivalent of a beautiful shotgun to the head." Yipes.

'Born to Lose', which you can listen to below, is the first single from the album and it features Sleigh Bells trademark shouty, girlish vocals layered over ample bass and distorted guitars.

The track list for Sleigh Bells' Reign of Terror:
  1. True Shred Guitar
  2. Born to Lose
  3. Crush
  4. End of the Line
  5. Leader of the Pack
  6. Comeback Kid
  7. Demons
  8. Road to Hell
  9. You Lost Me
  10. Never Say Die
  11. D.O.A

Born To Lose by Sleigh Bells

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** The Obligatory Christmas Mix

Short one but I had to post this mixtape since I've posted a Christmas mixtape every year on Don't Dance Her Down Boys and I'm a sucker for tradition.

So here it is, Christmas. It exists. Deal with it.

1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer- The Crystals
2. Christmas is Cancelled- The Long Blondes
3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Darlene Love
4. Christmas Wrapping- Summer Camp (Waitresses Cover)
5. December Will Be Magic Again- Kate Bush
6. Santa Claus- Throwing Muses
7. All I Want for Christmas- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. Just for Now- Imogen Heap
9. Home Sweet Home (at Christmas)- Viv Albertine
10. Black Christmas- Poly Styrene

Thursday, 1 December 2011

PJ Harvey to Release New DVD

A collection of short films created for PJ Harvey’s Mercury Prize award-winning album, Let England Shake, will be released on DVD it was announced yesterday.

The DVD, called Let England Shake: 12 Short Films, features all of the 12 short films created by photographer / videographer Seamus Murphy to accompany every song on Harvey latest album.

If that isn’t enough there is a previously unseen short film for the song 'England' and personal notes from Seamus Murphy on the making of the films.

The DVD will be released on December 12 on Amazon and iTunes and can be pre-order from


I came to this a bit late but good God I love this song. Emeli Sandé, real name Adele Emeli Sandé, is a Glaswegian Aretha in the making and the owner of the powerhouse vocals, and fantastic blonde quiff, that make this song what it is. The Song of the Month this time round has to be 'Heaven' by Ms Sandé.

'Heaven' is a string-drenched club track; the kind that you can dance around to on a Saturday night out and still enjoy when you're lying in bed in your room. It is reminiscent of the essential 90s club track 'Unfinished Symphony' by Massive Attack.

I first heard this song when I was slightly tipsy round a friend's house on Halloween (we were going out after that and other people were drinking. I wasn't a lone drunk). In my drunken haze I knew one thing and one thing only. I needed to remember that song. So I wrote down her name on my phone and when I woke up the next morning looked her up and I've been in awe ever since.

Keep an eye out for Sandé, with her album due out early next year and her latest single 'Daddy' out now she's got her eye on a piece of, 2011 favourite, Adele's very profitable pie.

For more information:

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


This month's From The Archives features the legendary X-Ray Spex. Although the band had a limited back catalogue, the 1978 punk classic Germ Free Adolescents and the less accessible 1995 album Conscious Consumer, they did release a few bootlegs of their live recordings which have become increasingly hard to find over the years. But today, I give you Live at the Roxy a collection of songs from the band's residence at the infamous London club. 

The recordings are rough to say the least. Lead singer Poly Styrene's voice isn't always there and sometimes the sax slips up or someone misses a beat but that's beside the point. The recording, although not perfect, does capture the chaotic, feral nature of the band and the punk scene at the time. 

Live at the Roxy is a great way to remember X-Ray Spex and, especially,  Poly who passed away earlier this year. So just before I leave, and I have to leave you, I would ask to listen to this album by strapping on your fanciest leather shift dress and army helmet to rock out to one of the punk movements finest creations.

Monday, 21 November 2011


This feature has gone walkies for what I first thought was a few months and then when I checked was actually over a year. Now I'm not exactly sure what I was doing that made me put this feature on hold for so long but I assume it had something to do with Ben and Jerry's ice cream and episodes of The Only Way is Essex, the best way to spend an evening in.

I've been crap but hopefully this great post will make up for all the belated posts. So the act I'm going to educate myself about today are Icelandic cult heroes, The Sugarcubes.  Despite being a Bjork fan I have to admit I've never listened to The Sugarcubes, an embarrassing fact that I will correct today.

Now for a bit of background knowledge. Legend has it The Sugarcubes formed in 1986 on the day that Bjork gave birth to her first son which sounds pretty hardcore if you ask me. Focused around Bjork's girlish vocals, and occasionally second vocalist Einar Orn's spoken word raps, The Sugarcubes made quirky, sugar sweet indie-pop. They became popular in the UK after John Peel played their first single, the beautifully obscure, 'Birthday'.

The best example of The Sugarcubes genius, 'Birthday' is a delightfully sweet way of looking at a relationship by having Bjork whisper into a microphone that "he knows how many freckles she's got". The song was taken from the band's debut 1988 release Life's Too Good. The chorus is simply Bjork showing off her vocal warblings but it works so well that you often find yourself trying to replicate them while you're listening to it.

'Deus' was another single from their debut album. The song features the line "Deus does not exist but if he did..." which could either be interpreted as an atheist's view of the world or an attempt to decipher the complexity of the universe. It features the band's trademark jangly riffs and Bjork's feminine growl.

'Hit', taken from the band's third and final album Stick Around for Joy, was the band most popular song. "This wasn't supposed to happen" Bjork wonders whilst soaking up the joyous love she has stumbled across. It would be faultless if it wasn't for Einar Orn's seemingly random rap. During the band's lifespan critics were unsure of what to make of Einar's vocals. Some claimed it was what made The Sugarcubes the free-spirited, chaotic band they were, others claimed his vocal contributions were erratic, discordant and overshadowed Bjork's vocals.

The Sugarcubes disbanded in 1992 leaving Bjork to embark on, what would become, a hugely successful solo career shortly after. There are some real gems in their back catalogue and if you haven't listened to them before I implore you to check them out starting with the tracks I mentioned here. I know you'll be as entertained by the band's charming tunes as I was.

Monday, 14 November 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Film Soundtracks

I'll admit it, I'm not a massive film buff.  I get bored, lose interest, fail to follow the plot and more or less glaze over as soon as the movie starts. I am crap when it comes to movies but I do love soundtracks.

Even in the most mainstream movies you can hear some amazing songs played at the party scene or the pivotal boy finally gets together with girl under the willow tree.

I thought Mean Girls was already a pretty cool movie when I was watching it until I heard the Peaches song 'Operate' playing in the background of the party scene and realised it was beyond cool. Kudos to one Ms Tina Fey so that move by the way.

Since I, and hopefully you as well, much more about the soundtracks than the actual movie I've collated a selection of what I believe to be the best songs from some great films.....and Jackass 2. Sorry but Karen O and Peaches were on there and i can't resist that cool a collaboration.

Tracklisting (and the films they feature in):
1. Operate- Peaches (Mean Girls)
2. Snakeface- Throwing Muses (Empire Records)
3. One Time Too Many- PJ Harvey (Batman Forever)
4. All Is Love- Karen O and the Kids (Where the Wild Things Are)
5. Loose Lips- Kimya Dawson (Juno)
6. The Fox- Sleater-Kinney (Hard Candy)
7. You're Standing on My Neck- Splendora (Daria Movie Theme Song)
8. Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap (The Last Kiss)
9. Backass- Karen O ft. Peaches (Jackass 2)
10. Angry Inch- Sleater-Kinney (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
11. And I'm Telling You...- Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

GIG REVIEW: Throwing Muses @ Shepherds Bush Empire 02/11/11

A drunk guy got hold of the set list. It's an odd thought to have when you're at a gig but I'm pretty sure that's what half of the audience were thinking at Throwing Muses London gig.

By using some sort of lager fueled seance the, now very drunk, audience member started repeatedly yelping the names of the Muses songs until they played them. "FISH. FISH. FISH. FISH", he screamed until it appeared. "MANIA. MANIA. MANIA." *random chat from Kristin about her day till drunk guy interrupts with* "IS THIS ABOUT MANIA" then the song kicked in.

It was really something to behold. Maybe the next Science Journal should consider covering the theory 'Does the amount of alcoholic substances in the blood stream increase the likelihood of a telepathic experience when attending a popular music concert.'

Not that this is a bad thing. I quite love the maniac for bringing me my favourite songs. I also love him because he was part of a three-person mosh pit. If this was an Iron Maiden gig then that would be perfectly normal but since Throwing Muses fans are generally in their mid 40s and probably spend most of their evenings reading The Guardian and picking out tile patterns for the new bathroom getting constantly smacked in the back by three lagered-up lads probably isn't how they imagined spending their evening.

But alas I have majorly digressed from the issue at hand so let's get back to it. Throwing Muses. Yep, they're back. Well back in a sporadic gigging band format. After the release of Anthology, the band take on a 'greatest hits' album, the band packed up and headed on the road to their fans who seem to be always ready for another slice of Throwing Muses no matter how far apart their work seems to be.

The band were on top form and played all the hits ('Bright Yellow Gun', 'Mania'), band favourites ('Finish', 'Pearl') and hardcore fan faves ('Garoux des Larmes', 'Soul Soldier'). I could barely keep the smile off my face and my legs still as the band playing a setlist that felt like it was created with me in mind.

During the encore Kristin came back first and played a mesmerising solo version of 'Fish', a song Kristin wrote when she was only 18. When I was 18 I wrote a story about a man who lived with his mother. It was no 'Fish', but then again I don't have the never-ending talent of Hersh, the pounding rhythms of Dave Narcizo or the jazzy bass that Bernard Georges brings to the band. I have nothing that could make me a member of Throwing  Muses. Only the Muses themselves can bring together their folk-punk-scatty-harsh-pop fusion to resemble something beautiful and moving.

The Muses are slowing down now and I'd love to think in the future that I could look forward to another band like them but it's unlikely. No one else could approach music from such a obscure angle and make it seem easy. No one else could write songs about mental illness and make you feel like you're going through too just by listening. No one else could make you reconsider what you think a 'normal' song structure sounds like.  Nope there's not gonna be another band like them but for now the Muses seem to be in a touring mood so see them while you can.

Friday, 4 November 2011

**CLUB NIGHT** Club for Losers

So here's the dealio, a phrase I should definitely use more often, I play in a band that occasionally plays gigs. As it happens we have one pretty soon. On Friday 11 November actually which is very soon.

It's our second gig and we're pretty excited about the prospect of getting paid for gig but here's the catch. We get more money depending on how many people come through the door.

We need as many human bodies in that club as possible and even though I'm pretty scared of the idea of people seeing me play I would still rather play to someone rather than no one at all.

If the prospect of spending an evening watching my band doesn't woo you then the brilliant Choo Choo Trains and Go-Go Cult are also playing.

Hope to see you there. Obviously I won't recognise you since you're all hidden and anonymous behind glaring computer screens but I'll know. Oh how I'll know.

Club For Losers
Friday 11 November 10pm-3am
St Moritz
159 Wardour Street
London, W1F 8WJ

**UNDER COVER** Hello Hello...

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I always need a bit more riot grrrl in my life but I prefer it when it fits in with my life. Sleater-Kinney is needed when I wanna have a cry, a bit of Bikini Kill is thrown on when I'm feeling a bit more anarchic and, as of now, Throwing Up pops on my iPod when I want to have a good old scream.

The band consist of vocalist / guitarist Camille, bassist Claire and long-haired drummer Ben. The London-based trio make an ungodly, screamy racket and I love them for it. Camille, dressed like a English Courtney Love, decorates their songs with her girly vocals and mammoth screams.  Claire and Ben follow Camille's noisy instructions and fill up the song space with clattering, ringing joyfulness.

On 'When I Touch You' Camille berates a nervous lover, or stranger she just met on the tube it's never really clarified, to stop flinching and enjoy the moment. It's a jolty, snarling, concise number and comes to a fiery end when Camille decides to use the song as cheap therapy and directs a deafening howl into our ear holes.

Actually that's how a lot of Throwing Up songs end and that's exactly why I love them. A band that I can enjoy many a head banging Thursday evening with is the band for me.

Another one I would recommend is 'Mother Knows Best', a grungy, 90s tinged affair that sounds like a jolly, modern version of the riot grrrl favourites Huggy Bear.  It's disgustingly lo-fi with dirty riffs that you can't help but love. Because I am so lovely I've helpfully put a link to the song below for your perusal.

If you're into female punk, grunge or riot grrrl, and going on who reads this blog you probably are, then Throwing Up are definitely the new band for you.

When I Touch You from throwingup on Vimeo.

Download: Throwing Up- Medicine
Download: Throwing Up- Mother Knows Best

For more information:

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Breeders, Breeders, Breeders. I always have time for Kim Deal and her motley crew The Breeders. I thought I had all of The Breeders material but randomly while I was on YouTube the other day I stumbled across this beauty.

'Head to Toe' is the title track of The Breeders limited edition 1994 EP Head to Toe. It was The Breeders second EP released after their successful, and most well known, album Last Splash.

The track is a stomping, punky number that has the instantly catchy refrain "Your face looks good to me". Deal screams it like her life depends on it. The listener can only assume that guy with the good face the song references wasn't stupid enough to turn down Kim Deal and she got what she wanted.

I'm going to spend the next month immersed in The Breeders. When I surface I'll only be able to make 90s references and shall be dressed entirely in plaid and denim. I suggest you do the same.

Download: Breeders- Head to Toe (mp3)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Courtney Love to Pen Memoir

So you thought you knew everything there is to know about Courtney Love well think again there's a whole lot more to learn apparently since Love has announced she will be writing her own memoir.

After signing a deal with William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins, it was announced that the Hole front woman plans to "set the record straight" with her new book.

It's hard to think that there might be any aspect of Love's life that we don't know about given the intense media scrutiny and numerous documentaries on Love and her life with Kurt Cobain but officials claim her memoir will address Love's marriage to Cobain, her drug addiction issues and her childhood.

The book is as yet untitled and is due for release in autumn 2012.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Today's Song of the Month features Don't Dance Her Down Boys regular Kristin Hersh. Now I post a lot about Ms Hersh mainly because she has 25+ years of mind blowing art to her name so I'm discovering new things everyday but I swear you won't be disappointed by this song.

The Song of the Month is 'Sundrops' by Kristin Hersh, lead singer of Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave, from her debut solo album 1994's Hips and Makers. There are not many people that could make such a rousingly uplifting song using just a guitar and their voice.

Also for all the guitar players out there it's a testament to the depth of Hersh's songwriting and musical ability that she can create a beautifully complex song just using movable chords.

This should brighten up your Monday morning.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


There are so few videos of Bratmobile from this time in their career that when I found this today I knew I had to share it immediately.

Great video of Bratmobile playing in Manchester in 1992. Heads up to Chunkletguy who also has some great videos of other 90s bands including Huggy Bear and Versus.

Girls Get Busy Mixtape Want Your Demos

Although I officially make the best feminist mixtapes this side of South London, don't believe me check my track record, I'll allow someone else to have a go at it. Sisterhood and all says I should doesn't it.

Girls Get Busy, a feminist collective supporting female musicians, artists and writers, is searching for bands to fill up their second Chixtape mix tape.

Given the brilliance of their first mixtape, available here, I have high hopes that their second mixtape is going to be just as amazing.

If you wanna get in on the feminist mixtape action then send over your demos to

For more information:

Monday, 19 September 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** My Alternative Workout Mix

I hate to admit it as a feminist, a rational human being and a lover of things coated in chocolate I have a problem with my weight. I'm a tad bigger than I should be and no amount of positive thinking can console me when I'm crying in a Topshop changing room because a pair of size 14 jeans won't fit my 'curvy' behind.*

So I did the most unfeminist thing I could do along with being a serious drain on my bank account. I joined the gym. Now although I joined about 5 hours ago I already feel better but there's one thing that's bugging me. The club-tastic, uniform yawn-inducing music that gets belched through the gym's enormous loud speakers.

It's just SO awful. Who believed that we had to be numb to workout properly. I rebel, I say no I don't want to listen to Akon, I don't want to hear the god awful David Guetta more than once and I certainly don't want to find out what N-Dubz actually sound like.

You can work up a sweat and listen to some meaningful music whilst you're at it so here is my personal gym mix which I'll hopefully be using 3-4 times a week to lose around 13lbs over the next 2 months. Wish me luck.

1. Freak Like Me- Sugababes
2. 4th July- Kelis
3. Bloody Ice Cream- Bikini Kill
4. Youth Decay- Sleater-Kinney
5. Clara Bow- 50 Foot Wave
6. Sound of Kuduro- Buraka Som Sistema
7. Stutter- Elastica
8. Lime House- Breeders
9. Deceptacon- Le Tigre
10. Bulletproof- La Roux
11. Counting Backwards- Throwing Muses
12. Infinity Guitars- Sleigh Bells
13. Credit Card Babies- MEN
14. Hot n Cold- Katy Perry
15. Dusk Til Dawn- Ladyhawke
16. Just A Song About Ping Pong- Operator Please
17. Alala- CSS
18. Talk To Me- Peaches
19 Pretend We're Dead- L7
20. Bootylicious- Destiny's Child
21. Honeybear- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
22. Swan Lake- Thomas Tantrum
23. Celebrity Skin- Hole
24. Got Body If You Want It- Gossip
25. You'll Find A Way (Remix)- Santigold
26. Ice Cream- New Young Pony Club
27. Club Action- Yo Majesty
28. Declare Independence- Bjork

* This didn't really happen... it was a skirt and I didn't cry on account of me being dead inside.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

**UNDER COVER** No I Don't Have A Gun

PJ Harvey Wins Her Second Mercury Prize

PJ Harvey became the winner of the Mercury Prize 2011 and the first person to win the prize twice last night at the Mercury Awards.

Beating off artists such as Katy B, Adele and Tinie Tempah Harvey won the £20,000 award with her critically acclaimed album Let England Shake an album influences by the horrors of war and the intricacies of her home England.

Harvey first won the Mercury prize in 2011 for her album Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea. In her acceptance speech Harvey thanked her management, her band and mentioned that the last time she won the Mercury it was 9/11 and she was watching the Pentagon burn from her hotel room in Washington.

Now in my opinion although Adele, Katy B and Tinie Tempah and made amazing albums they were no competition for Harvey. It was almost unfair to pit artists who just made their debut album against one with a 20-year career.

Over the years Harvey has released 10 studio albums including 2 collaborations with John Parish.  It has been a good year for Harvey as she was recently awarded for outstanding contribution to music at the NME awards and has spent the last few months playing shows that had sold out in under 10 minutes.

Harvey fans are crossing their fingers in the hope that Harvey will do what other artists have done after winning the Mercury and embark on a new tour though Harvey's notorious dislike of big tours suggests she won't.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So this Ones to Watch may be a tad premature. The only online evidence, which is the only evidence that matters, of this band's existence is a bandcamp account with three demos on it. You may think I might be rushing it a bit but wait....these demos are immensely awesome. They are so awesome they've made me use the word awesome three times in the last minute, and I hate the word awesome. Hate it.

This band that I've bigged up to ridiculous proportions are Sneakpeek and this is all I know about them. They are an all female band from Echo Park in LA and they are currently working on their debut EP which is rumoured to be coming out later this year.

Even though I've not been able to drag up much from my investigative work on Google I do know that Sneakpeek make fuzzed out, reverb drenched lo-fi tunes straight from the 90s. If you begin your days wondering why everyone doesn't wear plaid anymore or how you could fashion a pair of dungarees out of your mum's old curtains then you are, like me, a 90s addict and you need a dose of Sneakpeek to get rid of your 90s blues. Take a peek at their demo 'Walk All Over Me (Live)' to help you get by. Trust me I'm a doctor.

For more information:

Monday, 5 September 2011


In my humble opinion there's not enough written about The Raincoats. The post-punk revolutionaries were one of the best bands to come out of the aftermath of the London punk scene.

The band broke up after the release of their third album Moving (1984) but reformed in 1994 after Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain sung their praises and offered them an opening spot on his tour.

More than a decade later though they have not released any new material since Looking in the Shadows (1996) the band are still going strong. They are preparing for a North American tour and are playing ATP in December.

Here's my favourite Raincoats song 'No Looking' which, if you can truly trust YouTube to be an accurate source of information, is a song based on a poem called 'Breakfast' by the Jacques Prevert about a Father.

Monday, 22 August 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Sunny Seaside Songs

At the beginning of August and I was a little too optimistic believing that it would be filled with scorching summer days and balmy evenings. In reality this summer we've had the odd sunny day but we've also had a lot of rain, grey drizzly afternoons, freezing nights and lots of riots (London went insane for a few days).

Nevertheless I believe the best way for us to collectively get through the disappointment this summer brought us is to repress it. Completely repress every negative feelings and memories and replace them with happy ones spent on the beach eating ice cream, in the park eating ice cream, on your sofa eating ice cream (I love ice cream).

To help you get started I've helpfully made a mixtape that you can listen to on repeat and force yourself to believe was the soundtrack to your imaginary summer. Aren't I helpful get repressing.

1. Crawled Out Of The Sea- Laura Marling
2. It's Getting Boring By The Sea- Blood Red Shoes
3. Summer Special- Land Of Talk
4. Angels and Seagulls- Kimya Dawson
5. Beach Girls- Sleigh Bells
6. Summertime- The Chantels
7. Redondo Beach- Patti Smith
8. Endless Sea- Lauren Shera
9. Ray of Sunshine- Go Sailor
10. He's My Surfin' Guy- The Beach Girls
11. Sunlight- tUne YArds
12. Summer Sun- Voodoo Queens
13. Cicada Summer- Partyline
14. Beach Song- The Suicide Notes
15. When Summer is Through- Chalk and Numbers
16. Bigger Than an Ocean- Go Sailor
17. Out For The Sun- Vivian Girls

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wild Flag Album Trailer

Indie rock supergroup Wild Flag have released a trailer to announce the arrival of their debut album out on September 13th.

The 'Album Trailer', a new concept for our modern times, features a variety of pretty people firing arrows off like nobody's business with Wild Flag's raucous music playing in the background.

The group, made up of members of Helium, The Minders and Sleater-Kinney, have been working on their debut and album and toured North America extensively during the last couple of months.

Wild Flag - Album Trailer from Merge Records on Vimeo.

For more information: 

Monday, 1 August 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Japanese Voyeurs- Yolk

If you could artificially create a band that could fulfil my every needs Japanese Voyeurs would most definately be the end result. They have everything I need; distorted guitars, check. Riot grrrl-esque vocals, check. Lyrics that beat you around the head till you're numb, check and check. Not to say that Japanese Voyeurs are in anyway artificial or manufactured. You can't put this kind of auditory bliss together in the back room of a record label. This band are the real deal.

Given my anticipation for JV's debut album Yolk they could fall hard on their faces at this hurdle right now but fortunately they don't. Lead singer Romily Alice guides her surprisingly hairy motley crew of a band through a maze of grotesque imagery, 90s riffs and playful lyrics.

Many reviewers have likened Romily's raw girlish vocals to Daisy Chainsaw vocalist Katie Jane Garside which is fair enough but Romily is not just a Garside copycat. JV are intelligent, playful and, most importantly like all bands should be, they're moving.

Opener 'You're So Cool' sees Romily calling out her persecutor for the playground bullying she suffered: "In the garden you made fun of me / pulled my hair and pushed me over." Lead single 'Get Hole' is an aggressively raw punk number that showcases JV's pop punk sensibilities at their finest.

The album also includes reworked earlier songs such as 'Dumb', 'Milk Teeth' and 'That Love Sound'.  JV are a band that wear their influences on their sleeves and that main influence is the 90s. They sound scarily similar to early grunge bands like Nirvana and Babes In Toyland. Listen to 'Dumb' and a riff that sound freakily like Nirvana hits you round the chops straight away.  I love the 90s but there is nothing creative about rehashing the past. Despite one or two failures Yolk is a fully rounded, epic debut album from a band that should be on the tips of everyone's tongues right now.

Yolk is out now
For more information:

Friday, 29 July 2011


For the amount of words I devote to Kill Rock Stars artists you would think I had some kind of back door deal with them. Maybe one that involved lifelong free entry to every show by a Kill Rock Stars artist. Obviously I don't have that but I wouldn't say no if it was offered you know what I mean hint hint nudge nudge.

The latest Kill Rock Stars band to grab my attention are Thao and Mirah a duo who came together to write their quirky, uplifting collaboration after both enjoying successful solo careers.

T&M released an album in April 2011 (I'm a bit late to the party but better late than never eh) and after falling in love with Thao with the Get Down Stay Down (really who came up with that band name) I quite promptly fell head over heels with T&M. 

They make the kind of music that could make my cold heart turn warm enough to fall in love so I could then cycle along a summer lane with the wind in my weave and their songs in my heart. I suggest you buy the album, listen to it, take your lover by the hand and smile 'cause everything's going to be alright.

Download: Eleven
Download: How Dare You

For more information:

Monday, 25 July 2011


This long neglected feature is making it's come back today folks and I've got a great song that's been going around in my head for a while. The song that has tickled my fancy for the last couple of months is 'I'm Not Stupid' by Cat's Eyes. 

Cat's Eyes are a boy girl duo consisting of unlikely musical allies Canadian classically trained soprano Rachel Zeffira and The Horror's frontman Faris Badwan. 

Now I can't say have always been a fan Faris' band The Horrors. The first time I heard of them I was a fresher at university who didn't take kindly to poseur-pseudo goths which is what I thought The Horrors were when I saw them live at Koko. They walked on, made a god awful racket and then left after 20 minutes. Not impressed.

After listening to less than 30 seconds of Cat's Eyes it is fair to say that Faris is completely forgiven for all his wrongdoing. Anyone that can recreate the orchestral brilliance of Spector's glory days is good in my books.

'I'm Not Stupid' is the theme tune for every frumpy, awkward girl who wishes life could be like the movies where the boy sees past the braces and prescription glasses and kisses the girl but knows it will never happen. 

The angst ridden song is complimented by Zeffira's vocals which are are as soft as marshmallow fluff. They sound like she is reading her diary aloud under her covers in her room quietly so her parents don't hear.

Hopefully we'll see more from the strikingly talented duo very soon but for now here's 'I'm Not Stupid'.

Monday, 18 July 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Girls Names

There are exactly 200,153 songs about girls names and that's a fact I mean don't research it, don't look it up, you can't find it on wikipedia but it's true...ish. Whatever the actual statistic is I know it's pretty high.

Call me a feminazi but I find that many songs about women written by men tend to fall into two camps. Women are either portrayed as either the temptress seducing a guy or the angel who can do no wrong. This can be a little tiresome for this blogger who just wants to get through listening to one song without being told she's a wanton woman.

It becomes more interesting when women write songs about other women as it allows a more honest depiction of femininity and womanhood.

The Raincoats cover of Lola brings the song into a whole new territory that The Kinks probably never even thought it could go and Patti Smith's classic Gloria becomes a moving declaration of womanhood every time she repeats those famous letters "G-L-O-R-I-A".

Feminist analysis aside these are all bloody good songs so enjoy and everyone sing in unison "GLORIA....".

1. Gloria- Patti Smith
2. Lucille- She Keeps Bees
3. Clara Bow- 50 Foot Wave
4. Valerie- Amy Winehouse
5. Angelene- PJ Harvey
6. Oh Marie- Ladyfuzz
7. Samantha- Hole
8. Lola- The Raincoats
9. Prescilla- Bat For Lashes
10. Anne- Santigold
11. Mary Ann- Regina Spektor
12. Oh Serena- The Distilllers
13. Headache For Michelle- Au Pairs
14. Erica Kane- Aaliyah
15. Hedi's Head- Kleenex
16. Polly- Long Blondes
17. Jenny- Sleater-Kinney

Friday, 15 July 2011

**UNDER COVER** ...I Wanna Be Yr Dog

spit. presents ENVY and BELLATRIX

spit. presents ENVY and BELLATRIX

Friday 15 July 2011, 5:15pm
The Front Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall

spit. launches its inaugural show on 15 July at the Southbank Centre, with performances from Envy and Bellatrix.

As part of the Southbank Centre's Intelligent Movement festival (in association with Channel 4's Street Summer), spit. presents a free event showcasing some of the most exciting women on the hip-hop, grime and dub scenes.

At just 24, Manchester MC Envy ( is a force to be reckoned with. Since releasing her début album in 2010 to critical acclaim, she's gained a reputation for being one of the fastest, most formidable live MCs on the circuit - her bold lyrics matched by her unrivalled on-stage charisma.

Bellatrix (​eatbox) is now the UK's leading female beatbox artist, and one of few performing beatbox women worldwide, who works with instrumentalists as well as live looping and playing bass whilst beatboxing. In 2007 she founded the UK's first all-girl beatbox crew The Boxettes (​uk/), who have caused quite a stir on the London scene.

Joining these performances will be guest DJs, and spit.'s own inimitable host, CONNIE BELL.

CONNIE BELL is a Jamaican born songstress and poetess who fuses raw, roots reggae with echoes of dub poetry and classic soul harmonies.

An official member of ROOTS MANUVA’S BANANAKLAN, Connie’s resume reads like a who’s who of the international storytelling and reggae scenes: sessions with LEE PERRY, TOOTS HIBBERT, CONGO NATTY, NATTY and MAD PROFESSOR sit alongside gigs with Britain’s leading poetry company Apples and Snakes.

As well as fronting her own outfit DI MAN DEM Connie is also a regular host at spoken word events across the capital.

The Intelligent Movement festival is taking place at the Southbank Centre between 14 and 17 July 2011.

The spit. showcase will be taking place in Queen Elizabeth Hall from 5.15pm - 7pm. For more info visit here.
Entry to the showcase is free.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Along with listening to amazing artists, meeting other like minded bloggers and sitting around eating bonbons all day getting requests from PRs is one of the nicer things about running a small music blog mainly because it makes you feel like you're one of the big boys (or perhaps big girls).

Now a blogger's relationship with PRs is a tricky one. You can get sent the worst music made by the most deluded, self-involved artists in the world but you can also be introduced to some true gems that you wish you had found earlier.

My example of a PR gem is American folk singer songwriter Lauren Shera. Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Nick Drake, Shera weaves an extraordinary tale that evokes a plethora of intense, emotive stories of days gone by.

Shera clearly has friends in high places as both 90s rock goddess Kristin Hersh and Abigail Washburn stepped in as guest performers on her new album Once I Was A Bird.

Grasping tight to her acoustic guitar Shera bares her soul and her past in a strikingly honest way rarely seen by many performers these days who prefer to shock and disgust their audience rather than focus on talent and it is talent that Shera has by the bucket load.

Catch her before she gets big, you won't regret it I promise.

Download: Storyteller
Download: Endless Sea

Lauren Shera's new album Once I Was A Bird is out now.
For more information:

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Beyonce Bloody Well Runs This Mother

Well I'm a bit late on this one but I could not resist commenting on my girl B's new girl power single 'Run The World'. The song, which is a little heavy on the Major Lazer sample, is a feministy number that claims it is fact the ladies that run the world and dem menz need to keep up with us girls before we leave them behind.

This is not the first time Beyonce has sprinkled her tunes with a little girl power magic in fact 'Run The World' is just one song in Beyonce's ever increasing 'Girls Rule' set list- think back to 'Bills Bills Bills', 'Independent Woman', and 'Single Ladies'.

For young girls this idea that they can run the world would be incredible. I know because I was the little girl inspired by 'Bills Bills Bills', a song I still love to this day and was probably an inspiration for this here blog.

But it is this Girls Rule attitude that has got a lot of feminists confused as it would be great if we girls did rule the world but we do not and have not at any particular time in history. The battle of the sexes game of girls are better than boys etc is pretty tiring and doesn't really help anyone in the long, long road towards equality.

There have also been complaints that Beyonce simultaneously bigs up her own independence whilst calling back to the boys to see if they still fancy her. For example B croons "Boy you know you love it/ How we're smart enough to make these millions/ Strong enough to bare the children/Then get back to business....Hope you still like me". Can you really say that you believe in female empowerment when you're are also concerned with your own sex appeal.

Well the simple answer is that there is no simple answer. As an artist Beyonce can interpret her idea of empowerment as she wishes and it is up to the listener to judge whether the balance of sex appeal and girl power actually work. What I do know for definite is that Beyonce is back on form and its amazing to see her again.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Don't Dance Her Down Boys has gone on a bit of a hiatus as you can tell but we're back up and running and to kick things off here's the Song of the Month.

This month's post is all about the Queen of the Blues and her amazing number 'Voodoo Woman'. The power in this song and Taylor's voice completely blew me away when I first heard it. I can imagine PJ Harvey doing an amazing cover with her white lady blues voice and everything.

Feel the power of the voodoo woman, it'll put a spell on you...get it.

They call me the voodoo woman,
And i know the reason why,
They call me the voodoo woman,
And i know the reason why,
Lord if i raise my name,
Youu know the sky begin to cry.

They call me the voodoo woman,
I look through water and spied by land
They call me the voodoo woman,
I look through water and spied by land
I tell all you men
If your woman got another man.

I got a rabbit foot in my pocket,
A toad frog in my shoes,
A crawfish on my shoulder,
Lookin dead at you,
I got dust from a rattlesnake,
I got a black spider bone,
If that don't do it baby,
You'd better leave it all alone.

They call me the voodoo woman,
And i know the reason why,
Lord if i raise my name,
You know the sky begin to cry.

I got a rabbit foot in my pocket,
A toad frog in my shoes,
A crawfish on my shoulder,
Lookin dead at you,
I got dust from a rattlesnake,
I got a black spider bone,
If that don't do it baby,
You'd better leave it all alone.

They call me the voodoo woman,
And i know the reason why,
They call me the voodoo woman, and i know the reason why,
Lord if i raise my name,
You know the sky begin to cry.
Lord if i raise my name,
You know the sky begin to cry.
Lord if i raise my name,
You know the sky begin to cry.
Lord if i raise my name,
You know the sky begin to cry.

Friday, 6 May 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** You're So Vain, I Bet You Think This Mixtape Is About You

Copyright Mcargobe's Blog Room
This month's mixtape is inspired by the feelings we have thinking of those that we despise the most. Yes we're done with the lovey, dovey crap over here, blind hatred is what fuels us creatively.

We've all met them, whether they were rude, crude, aggressive, calculating, deceptive or just you're straight forward liars the memory of them sticks around with you for a while after they're gone.

And what to say to such a person, how do you confront them, get your own back and show them up in front of everyone. Well if you're anything like me you usually just mutter something under your breathe and then think of the perfect come back about 5 minutes later which is useless because you've now lost your chance to speak your mind.

Some people always know the right thing to say at the right time and they also have the advantage of being able to put their thoughts into song so the whole world can see what a vain-dickhead-bug a boo-skinny little- freeloading-bitch they really are. Hope this mixtape is as cathartic for you as it is for me.

1. How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane?- Dolly Mixture
2. The Life And Death Of Mr Badmouth- PJ Harvey
3. Freeloader- Throwing Muses
4. Bug a Boo- Destiny's Child
5. No Scrubs- TLC
6. You're So Vain- Carly Simon
7. Irreplaceable- Beyonce
8. White Boy- Bikini Kill
9. Skinny Little Bitch- Hole
10. There's a Mother In Our Bed- Cocknbullkid
11. Jealous Girls- Gossip
12. Worst Bastard- Micachu
13. Getting Scared- Imogen Heap
14. Dickhead- Kate Nash

Monday, 2 May 2011


In my travels across the interweb I stumbled on this amazing footage of a full Bikini Kill concert from their Reject All American tour in 1996.

It features a great performance from the band and a awkward scene at the beginning when Kathleen realises she is being filmed.

Any footage of the band is pretty hard to find so finding a whole filmed gig is a pretty rare so enjoy and there will be more material from the archives coming soon.

Bikini Kill @ Newhaven, CT, 1996 from Sara Roca on Vimeo.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Punk Singer

It wouldn't be Don't Dance Her Down Boys without regular updates from the K.Hanna camp would it. Remember that Kathleen Hanna documentary that we told you was being made a couple of months ago well now it's moved closer to being seen by our very eyeballs.

The film, directed by Sini Anderson of Sister Spit fame, now seems to have the working title of The Punk Singer which seems apt. It will also give the chance for Hanna's fans to be involved by submitting their own videos of themselves answering the question Who is Kathleen Hanna, and why should people know who she is?

It does not have to involve any fancy video editing or complex concepts just a simple video detailing your thoughts on Kathleen Hanna and how you feel about her.  They are even looking for submissions from those who aren't too fond of the Hanna though I'm not sure that will work out well really.

If you want to get involved then head over to The Kathleen Hanna Project for details on how to submit your video.

The Kathleen Hanna Project: Submit a Video! from KathleenHanna Project on Vimeo.

For more information:

**Poly Styrene: A Retrospective**

So I suppose by now everyone has heard the tragic news of Poly Styrene's death. Poly Styrene was the lead singer in critically acclaimed punk band X-Ray Spex. Poly died after the breast cancer she was battling spread to her spine. Although her battle with cancer was announced a few months ago no-one could have guessed how advanced it was since Poly was promoted her latest album, Generation Indigo, from her hospital bed.

Poly cut a striking figure in the late 70s punk scene. Her look, attitude and approach to music as a mixed-race, braces wearing was worlds apart from her contemporaries and she will forever be remembered for her opening line to her most famous song "some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think..."

Without Poly it would be difficult to think how today's music scene would be as her influence can be seen in the vocal stylings of everyone from Beth Ditto, Karen O, Kathleen Hanna and Corin Tucker.

Although X-Ray Spex only ever released one album, Germ Free Adolescents, they still are thought of as one of the stand out bands from the punk era due to Poly's modern lyrics which tackled issues consumerism, environmentalism and identity. Poly Styrene really was one in a million and will be truly missed.

Monday, 25 April 2011


With the vast array of twee, girl group bands popping up every few minutes it's hard to believe that one group could stand out from the rest. Fortunately one band has done exactly that and made a song that puts them head and shoulders above the other pretenders.

Soda Shop are a Brookyln two piece comprised of Maria Usbeck from Selebrities and Drew Diver from Horse Shoes.  They make sun-drenched, 50s pop that will make you yearn for those long gone candy-striped, black and white days of yore.

Although they have only two songs floating around on the interweb they are two amazing songs that I for one could listen to again and again and again....

Soda Shop - Farewell from Drew Diver on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 April 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Best of Alt 80s

The 80s is a decade that was tarnished with day glo clothes, electro and big, big hair. It's hard to look back on those days and remember that some amazing bands came from that decade.

Young Marble Giants, Throwing Muses, Au Pairs to name a few are some of the classic bands that emerged from the neon decade.

Here's my definitive list of the best of the alternative 80s, as always if I miss something out just give me a shout.

1. Mexican Women- Throwing Muses
2. White Mice- Mo-Dettes
3. Private Idaho- B-52s
4. It's Obvious- Au Pairs
5. Music For Evenings- Young Marble Giants
6. I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You- Shop Assistants
7. Dream Come True- Dolly Mixture
8. Mais ou sont Passes Les Gazelles- Lizzy Mercier Descloux
9. Man Thinks Woman- Mecca Normal
10. Anticipation- Delta 5
11. Army Dreamers- Kate Bush
12. No Looking- The Raincoats

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Here at Don't Dance Her Down Boys we love everything 90s. I love the clothes, the TV and, most importantly, the music.

I honestly believe The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the best TV show ever and I can't get my day going without listening to Throwing Muses 'Shimmer'.

Given that I clearly have 90s related issues it's always a sweet relief when I discover a new 90s band to add to my already huge collection.

My newest band crush are Versus, a New York trio who played with grunge's loud/soft dynamics to make some pretty fun indie pop.

Versus are comprised of brothers Richard Baluyut (vocals, guitar) and Edward Baluyut (drums) and Fontaine Toups (bassist). The band were one of a few American bands during the 1990's to have Asian American members.

The Song of the Month is 'That Girl's Gone' which features bassist Fontaine Toups on vocals. The catchy beat and girly vocals are perfect for 90s loving ears. If you haven't heard much about Versus I implore to look into them, you know you want to.

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Vivian Girls front woman, Cassie Ramone has been pretty busy lately. Along with preparing for the new Vivian Girls album she's also been working over the last year on a side project with Kevin Morby guitarist/bassist called The Babies.

Morby has taken over on lead vocals and song writing with Ramone on lead guitar and backing vocals. The pair started writing songs as flatmates to pass the time.

After recruiting Justin Sullivan on drums and Nathanael Stark on bass The Babies line up was complete.

Like Vivian Girls Babies make cute lo-fi music but that's where the comparison ends. Babies make scuzzy 60s inspired energetic indie-pop that's perfect for dancing.

Especially for you here are some Babies treats, enjoy.

Download: Run Me Over
Download: Breakin' The Law

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


This month's Golden Oldies take us back to the the 70s no wave movement in that backstreets of Paris where Lizzy Mercier Descloux developed her sparse, minimalist, free-flowing rhythms.

A precocious and intellgent teenager Descloux moved to at the age of 18 where she hung out with Patti Smith and Richard Hell who based a character in his novel on her. Hell described Descloux as seeming to "come from another dimension", a description that was certainly apt for Descloux's confident and creative character.

As a self taught guitarist her music was minimalist but vital. She used quite feminine rhythms, not unlike The Raincoats and Kleenex, and funky rhythms inspired by world music to create her own style.

Her debut album, Press Colour, was released in 1979. From it my favourite song has to be 'Fire' a dancable, disco-like track that could have easily just covered old ground but instead Descloux challenges the listener to great effect.

Later in her career Descloux became more and more influenced by African music which can be seen in her second album Mambo Nassau and her 1984 single 'Mais où Sont Passées les Gazelles?' which was a hit in France.

Descloux had a ten year music career through which she released six albums and garnered some critical acclaim. She moved to Corsica in the 90s to focus on painting and writing.

Unfortunately Descloux passed away after a battle with cancer in 2003 but she will always be remembered as one of the most inventive and minimalist artists to emerge out of the 70s no wave movement.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Ladyfest Manchester

Ladyfest Manchester plans to mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Themed around The Slits (in memoriam of Ari Up, who sadly died last year) we are privileged to have original Slits member Viv Albertine. Headliners are Manchester band, Hooker.

The event will also feature DJs, an online collaborative zine, comedy, acoustic acts and a special Ladyfest quiz!

£5 in advance, £7.50 on the door.

Ladyfest Manchester Sunday 13th March

Order tickets via Eventbrite

Friday, 11 March 2011

**EVENT** Women of the World Festival Conference

Women of the World Festival Conference
11 – 13 March
WOW – Women of the World launches its first year with speakers from across five continents. It brings together amazing stories of triumph, action, challenge and enterprise from girls of 14 to women of 80. Musicians, lawyers, scientists, members of the clergy, journalists, politicians, community activists, gardeners, school girls and cocoa growers share ideas for change. Women's organisations of every persuasion are represented in a great weekend of fierce debate and fantastic fun. Plus market activities, speed mentoring and networking opportunities. Speakers include Shami Chakrabarti, Marin Alsop, Helena Kennedy QC, Kay Mellor, Caroline Lucas MP, Kate Mosse, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Kat Banyard, Juliet Stevenson, Bianca Jagger, Barb Jungr, Rosie Boycott, Allison Pearson, Frances Osborne and Dr Precious Lunga.

Find out more about the festival and how you can take part at

**MIXTAPE ALERT** You Remember The 90s Don't Cha

In the last few weeks the 90s has taken over my life even more than it usually does. At the end of February I DJed at a 90s night in north London and at the beginning of April I'll be djing at another night in Dalston (I know I'm in demand at the moment).

As a result I have been indulging in the coolest and cheesiest parts of the nineties (you'll know what I mean when you listen to the mixtape) and it has been heaven.

Readers of my blog will probably know that I tend to favour artists from this splendid decade and for good reason. The 90s gave the world PJ Harvey, riot grrrl, the best rnb girl group and pop music that you could line dance to (Steps). LINE DANCING. Line dancing, why of all things did they try and impose that on us when we were merely impressionable youngsters. Anywho enjoy this mix and if I've missed out something obviously cheesy let me know.

You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette
Bills, Bills, Bills- Destiny's Child
Words And Guitar- Sleater-Kinney
Cannonball- Breeders
Ch-Check It Out- Beastie Boys
Barbie Girl [Radio Edit]- Aqua
Feed the Tree- Belly
Straight- Veruca Salt
Meet Ze Monsta- PJ Harvey
Scooby Snacks- Fun Lovin' Criminals
Celebrity Skin- Hole
Doo Wop (That Thing)- Lauryn Hill
Are You That Somebody- Aaliyah
Bitch- Meredith Brooks
Birdhouse in Your Soul- They Might Be Giants
Here- Luscious Jackson
Mulder And Scully- Catatonia
Superball- Helium
Bright Yellow Gun- Throwing Muses
Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer
Pure Morning- Placebo
Parklife- Blur

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Courtesy of Larry Strung Photography

Garage rock. It's a rarely used term in music journalism these days, the last time the phrase was used so liberally was back when The White Stripes and The Strokes were in their hey day, i.e the good old days. Since then garage rock has gone underground.

Distressed by how we neglected it so when the 80s/electro revival came around a few years ago it vowed never to come back up to the surface to show its face ever again. That was until one determined band dragged it back to the light.

The Barettas, a Canadian three-piece who sport a spectacular array of polka dot dresses, quiffs and red lippy, are the band of the moment or at least the band of my moment.

Katie (vocals and guitar), Kate (bass) and Carly (drums) say that the inspiration for their music comes from the "industrial decay and grittiness" of their home town Hamilton. Now I've never been to Hamilton but I would have to assume from their music that it is a 24/7 doo-wop fest with guys and gals shimmying the night away to cool tunes like theirs.

Their latest single 'Touche' is a doo wop, garage rock inspired guitar pop tune that is so catchy and fun the most sour music lovers will dancing with joy to this one.

The Barettas may not be coming to the UK for a while keep an eye out I'm sure we'll here more from them very soon.

The Barettas latest single 'Touche' is available to download now.

For more information:

**VIDEO** PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Over here at Don't Dance Her Down Boys we're coming to realise that we are a tad Hersh mad. Everything she has ever done is up on here so this post this going to be quite predictable but oh well.

Last week Hersh debuted the first song from 50 Foot Wave's upcoming album With Love From The Men's Room.

'Radiant Addict' is a punky little stomper of a tune. Thundering bass, killer drums and snarling vocals are all a major feature of 50 Foot Wave songs and that's why we love them.

What's great is that you download it for free hence my title free music. Just take it, you don't have to feel bad or anything. Go on, you know you want to.

Download: Radiant Addict

For more information:

Girls Play Bass The Best

Bassists are an overlooked group in general. You can barely hear them over everyone else's showing off event hough they're the ones keeping the rhythm going and keeping the song in check. I wanted to pay some respect to the lady bassists out there since they have a tough job but they still go out and do it well. Here is Don't Dance Her Down Boys definitive list of the most amazing female bassists out there. As always if you think I've missed someone out give me a shout.

Kim Gordon
We couldn't include this list without the godmother of experimental rock on here could we. Sonic Youth have been going strong for well over two decades now and it doesn't look like they're going to stop any time soon. Gordon's icy demeanour and free and loose way of playing has inspired thousands of girls to pick up a bass and try it themselves.

Listen: Sugar Kane

Tina Weymouth
Talking Heads bassist and member of Tom Tom Club, Tina Weymouth, is an obvious choice for this list. She was a founding member of one of the greatest art punk bands in history. Weymouth is a self taught guitarist who was encouraged to play bass by her then boyfriend and Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz and David Byrne. She has later stated that the encouragement she received from both men was critical to her grasp of her instrument.

Listen: Sugar On My Tongue

Kim Deal
Kim Deal is without doubt an indie rock legend who was and still is an integral part to her band The Pixies. I just love her stage presence; her head and limbs swayed around in a jerky rhythm like she was being possesed by the song. Deal had a simplistic approach to the bass but it was never a novice's approach. Deal played it straightforward and minimal, never slipping into the ususal rock cliches or what she previously described as how "real bass players" play.
Listen: Gouge Away

Leslie Langston
An unknown one by still amazing. Leslie Langston was bassist in the alternative rock band Throwing Muses from 1984-1990. Described by one reviewer as a 'dreaded hippie' Langston certainly did cut a striking figure on stage with her waist length dreads swaying to the beat. Langston's style was, like the muses, experimental, harsh, spasmodic but ultimately beat driven. Her parts were always driving the song no matter how out there they sounded. As noted in band mate Kristin Hersh's memoir Rat Girl, when questioned about, what the interviewer deemed was the band's 'random' way of playing Langston responded "We work really hard to play like this.  No one teaches you how to play this way."

Listen: Fall Down