Monday, 23 August 2010

Just A Girl Competition

Phew, there is a lot going on this summer isn't there, first UK Feminista, then the Ladyfest Ten fundraisers, of which there is a great one next week, now fabulous online magazine The Girls Are have set up a competition where all female bands can win a chance to play at Ladyfest Ten this November in North London.

The winning band will be picked by a panel of judges which include The Other Womans' Ruth Barnes, Charlotte Richardson Andrews from Wears The Trousers and the legendary Viv Albertine. For those that don't know who Viv is she was a member of the amazing punk experimental band The Slits. Know you know, bow your head in shame for not recognising a genius when one is introduced to you.

This is a great opportunity for new, emerging bands, young musicians or girls in their bedroom with just a guitar, a head full of songs and access to put an ad on gumtree. That is the makings of a band right there. I've already written my Poly Styrene inspired ad looking for 'young punx that want to stix it together'.

To enter simply read through the following points:

- Bands must contain at least 2 people, and for the purposes of this competition, must be all-female.- Band members must be aged 18 +.
- Bands must be unsigned.
- Bands must pay a £10 non-refundable entry fee (which will be donated to Ladyfest Ten), and submit an Mp3, JPEG and band bio to by 8 Sept 2010.

- Download the rules and regulations & timeline PDF (right click here) and make sure you accept all the conditions.- Pay your £10 registration fee via Paypal ( Email with:- Your Paypal transaction details
- Your Mp3
- Your band bio
- Your band Jpeg

- You will receive a confirmation email with an entry no, which you will need to note.- The panel of judges will deliberate on entries before releasing a short-list.
- You will be notified about whether or not you have made the shortlist on 21 Sept.

Good Luck x.x.x.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Kristin Hersh- Crooked

In the age of mp3, the internet and downloads some artists have decided to take the album to a new level and establishing a new connection between artist and fan.

The artist in question is Kristin Hersh who has recently put out her latest album, Crooked, in book form filled with essays, exclusive online commentary, videos and demos.

Crooked is Hersh's eighth solo album in a quarter of a century career which has seen her fronting alt rockers Throwing Muses, growling with 50 Foot Wave and cooing alongside Michael Stipe in the mid 90s. 

Crooked has come a long way since Hersh put her demos up on the CASH music project. With input from fans over the years they have changed and merged to become part of a solid and challenging album.

The book is illustrated with stunning pictures of photographs of flowers, lyrics and complex essays that shed more light on the complexities of Hersh's approach to writing than they do of the songs themselves which is not a bad thing. Hersh has an almost other-worldly way of looking at music, songwriting, and life itself and to see it written down is quite fascinating. 

The most Hersh reveals is that the title track 'Crooked' is about her friend saving her from the bipolar disorder that ruled her life by introducing her to acupuncture.

Crooked is driven by Hersh's stripped back vocals, her accomplished guitar playing and her simple recording which results in a album which sounds unsettling, rough around the edges and vulnerable. Crooked is a superb album and a must have for any Hersh fans out there.

Crooked is published by The Friday project. For more information about this release click here.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Corin Tucker News

Corin Tucker, former lead vocalist in everyone's favourite punk rock trio Sleater-Kinney, is releasing her debut album, 1,000 years, in October and has given us a sneak peak with the track 'Doubt'. It has all the warbling and riffage, is that a word, that we loved in Sleater-Kinney with added maturity.

Corin also talked about her love for Bikini Kill and why they were so important to girls when they first came out:

Even more than the records, the live experience of that band was so incredibly visceral. Like, I never didn't cry at their shows. Most of my friends and I would have tears streaming down our faces when they played those songs. It was a really intense time, and they were marking this space for women to say that we are these total natural forces to be reckoned with; we're sexual beings that are ready to battle for our own territory. 

Download Corin Tucker's new song 'Doubt' here.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

More Crackers Please!

The wonderful ladies behind East London club night spectacular Unskinny Bop are hosting a Le Tigre themed benefit for Ladyfest Ten, and cripes, it is a corker! Taking place at Bethnal Green Library on 29 August, this jam-packed day comprises:

– an exclusive preview film screening of Le Tigre: On Tour, an in-progress edit of the forthcoming documentary due out in 2011!

– the chance to sing, dance and be filmed in for our karaoke music video of Keep On Livin’, for submission to the Le Tigre contest!

– entry to ticketholders-only afterparty at a nearby pub featuring Bop DJs and Ladyfest 2002 Allstars!

– stalls, zines, merch, and much more!

Entry is £9 each, and all proceeds go to Ladyfest Ten. Tickets will be available online very very soon so watch this space! The amazing venue for this amazing event is the wonderful Bethnal Green Library, located in the gardens just behind the tube station. We regret the halls we are using are on the first floor with no lift access; however we will do our utmost to ensure no-one with a ticket is prevented from attending.


Friday, 6 August 2010

*MIXTAPE TAPE ALERT* Feminist Anthems Pt. 2

I promised you the second part of the Feminist Anthems mixtape and here it is. I think it's pretty cool, covers a number of genres and also has a few tracks that you might not have read a feminist meaning in but it's there.

Let me know if you agree, disagree or think I left some out. This is going to be the soundtrack to the next Feminist Tsunami so it's gotta good.

Find Feminist Anthems Part 1 here.

1. She Bop- Cyndi Lauper
2. Bata Model- Crass
3. What's Love Got To Do With It- Tina Turner
4. Typical Girls- The Slits
5. I'm A Woman- Maria Muldaur
6. I'm So Excited- Le Tigre
7. Too Many Fish In The Sea- Marvelettes
8. Lola- The Raincoats
9. Tunic (Song For Karen)- Sonic Youth
10. Suck My Left One- Bikini Kill

Thursday, 5 August 2010


A lot of songs could have made this spot this month but I settled for one song that has been in my head for a while. The song of the month is Queens of Noise by The Runaways.

You probably already know what recent film influenced this decision but if you don't I recently saw the biopic Runaways starring Kristen Stewart, Of Twilight fame, as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning, of having a weird name and child star fame, as Cherie Currie.

I didn't know much about the Runaways before but I loved it and looked up their whole back catalog.

I thought this was just a great song, simple as really. Don't need to say anything else, just enjoy.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Kathleen Hanna Project

Yes it's the documentary that we've all been waiting for, a documentary on riot grrrl icon and feminist Kathleen Hanna is finally being made by Sini Anderson, co-founder of the spoken word performance group Sister Spit.

We've waited a long time for this but we may have to hold out a bit longer as Sini sent out a letter via Facebook asking for donations to pay for the expensive equipment needed to make the documentary.

If I had a million pounds I would give it all to them, well I would pay off my student debts and buy myself a flat first, because I think this film is so vitally needed.

Spread the word as it would be a shame if this never saw the light of day.

For more information:

GIG REVIEW: Kristin Hersh @ Round Midnight 26/07/10

Waiting in a cosy jazz club in North London were a bunch of uber fans. Uber technological fans that picked up on a tweet about a free secret gig and consequently made their way down to be so close to their idol they could touch her. Who else could inspire this much admiration and love from complete strangers other than Kristin Hersh.

The frontwoman of the seminal post punk band Throwing Muses is releasing her latest album Crooked in book form complete with downloads, commentary videos and demos. Hersh knows how to please her fans.

Having only been a fan of Hersh's for about the last couple of months I felt an imposter. I haven't followed her for the whole of her 20 year career or spent hours on end devouring her music. I have a lot to catch up on but I'm ready for the challenge.

Her husband Billy O'Connell introduced her on stage and joked that although their is no cd with the book you could buy the book and the CD-R's they were selling and put the CD-R in the book (this information will make more sense later on).

Kristin made her way through the crowd and like all iconic female singer she was tiny (think PJ Harvey and Amy Winehouse). I think she just about reached my shoulder but her diminitive size doubled when she played the opening chords of 'Mississppi Kite'.

Although shy Hersh knows how to capture a crowd's attention; going from one great song to another and occasionally peppering her set with wry musings on life and stories about school friends with weird skin conditions.

After the gig I had to get a book and meet Kristin so I queued up and bought a book from her husband. They didn't have any except for the open one on the stage so I took that one (again information will be relevenat later).

Kristin came over and signed my book and also wrote a little cute curly design in it that just made me want to hug her. I wanted to have a long conversation but as always in those situations my brain goes dead and I just try to get myself out of the situation as quickly as possible.

On the tube home looking through my book a CD-R fell out (see I wasn't just rambling, those details were there for a reason) and I realised I had taken the book that her husband put the CD-R in.

Essentially this post is just me apologising for accidentally stealing Kristin's CD. So Kristin if you're reading this I'm sorry but if it makes a difference I loved your set.