Sunday, 22 August 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Kristin Hersh- Crooked

In the age of mp3, the internet and downloads some artists have decided to take the album to a new level and establishing a new connection between artist and fan.

The artist in question is Kristin Hersh who has recently put out her latest album, Crooked, in book form filled with essays, exclusive online commentary, videos and demos.

Crooked is Hersh's eighth solo album in a quarter of a century career which has seen her fronting alt rockers Throwing Muses, growling with 50 Foot Wave and cooing alongside Michael Stipe in the mid 90s. 

Crooked has come a long way since Hersh put her demos up on the CASH music project. With input from fans over the years they have changed and merged to become part of a solid and challenging album.

The book is illustrated with stunning pictures of photographs of flowers, lyrics and complex essays that shed more light on the complexities of Hersh's approach to writing than they do of the songs themselves which is not a bad thing. Hersh has an almost other-worldly way of looking at music, songwriting, and life itself and to see it written down is quite fascinating. 

The most Hersh reveals is that the title track 'Crooked' is about her friend saving her from the bipolar disorder that ruled her life by introducing her to acupuncture.

Crooked is driven by Hersh's stripped back vocals, her accomplished guitar playing and her simple recording which results in a album which sounds unsettling, rough around the edges and vulnerable. Crooked is a superb album and a must have for any Hersh fans out there.

Crooked is published by The Friday project. For more information about this release click here.

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