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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

*MIXTAPE ALERT* Ladyfest Ten

This November Don't Dance Her Down Boys will be dedicated to Ladyfest Ten, the global arts festival that celebrates women's creativity and counter culture.

This month's mixtape has a selction of the best grrrl bands paying the festival this weekend giving a little taster of just how mind-shatteringly amazing our programme is.

We've got MEN, La La Vasquez, Nicky Click, Vile Vile Creatures, Lady Leshurr, Tender Trap, Viv Albertine, Trash Kit, Severin, Battant and many more.

For more information about Ladyfest Ten's music programme visit:

1. Don't Rush Me- La La Vasquez
2. Women's Final- Wetdog
3. Do You Want a Boyfriend?- Tender Trap
4. Silver Chord- Jane Weaver
5. Found Love in a Graveyard- Veronica Falls
6. Cadets- Trash Kit
7. Lair- Peepholes
8. Make It Reverse- MEN
9. NIMN- She Makes War

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

GIG REVIEW: Vivian Girls @ Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen 26/01/2010

I think everyone in the London blogosphere was at this gig but oh well here's my version.

The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen was the scene where I witnessed probably the best gig of my life. To reach this high level of regard in my eyes you have to done these three things:
1. Shown me something new
2. Made me want to dance
3. Made me want to cry (In a I'm glad to be alive way not I want to die way that would be awful)

This gig had all three. Blue on Blue, D-Bird from An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump's side project, kicked things off and despite their guitarist going AWOL they were still amazing.  It really made me wish I had found An Experiment on A Bird In The Air Pump before they broke up. Although it was pretty funny that while Dee was singing the drummer was just on his phone, chatting away. Occasionally he'd hit a cymbal or bang the snare but nothing else. I recommend checking this band out even if you haven't listened to An Experiment on A Bird In The Air Pump you'll still be blown away.

Veronica Falls were on next. They're a band that I've heard about non-stop which is both a good thing and a bad thing.  I'll leave it to you to work out why.  Veronica Falls were completely different to how I expected them to be. I thought they would be all about dark clothing, big fringes and singing about death but it was really more dreamy boy/girl vox which is cool but not what I expected.

Then came the Brooklyn noise pop darlings the Vivian Girls. By the time they walked on stage the crowd was tightly packed and a hoard of photographers crawled out of the depths of Shoreditch to snap the trio.  Seemingly unaware of the throngs of screaming fans around them the girls casually walked through the crowd put down their bags and coats and played an amazing set.

While old material such as 'Tell The World' and 'Wild Eyes' still sounded as urgent and brilliant as ever the band went out on a limb and performed new material such as the brilliant 'Other Girl'. The band also played a lot from their second album 'Everything Goes Wrong' which I thought was great because it gave me the chance to love some of the songs on the album that I previously didn't dedicate that much time to.

The highlight of the night was their acapella cover of The Chantels 'He's Gone'. Everyone went crazy over it and rightly so because it was so dreamily sung it almost took me to another place.  Just because I love you, and the Vivian Girls, here's a video of the band singing 'He's Gone' on the night so you can see what I saw and why I love them so much.

Walking Alone at Night
Surfin' Away
I Have No Fun
Can't Get Over You
Wild Eyes
He's Gone Acapella (The Chantels Cover)
Other Girl (New Song)
I Believe In Nothing
Never See Me Again
The End
Second Date
Before I Start To Cry
When I'm Gone
Tell The World