Friday, 29 April 2011

The Punk Singer

It wouldn't be Don't Dance Her Down Boys without regular updates from the K.Hanna camp would it. Remember that Kathleen Hanna documentary that we told you was being made a couple of months ago well now it's moved closer to being seen by our very eyeballs.

The film, directed by Sini Anderson of Sister Spit fame, now seems to have the working title of The Punk Singer which seems apt. It will also give the chance for Hanna's fans to be involved by submitting their own videos of themselves answering the question Who is Kathleen Hanna, and why should people know who she is?

It does not have to involve any fancy video editing or complex concepts just a simple video detailing your thoughts on Kathleen Hanna and how you feel about her.  They are even looking for submissions from those who aren't too fond of the Hanna though I'm not sure that will work out well really.

If you want to get involved then head over to The Kathleen Hanna Project for details on how to submit your video.

The Kathleen Hanna Project: Submit a Video! from KathleenHanna Project on Vimeo.

For more information:

**Poly Styrene: A Retrospective**

So I suppose by now everyone has heard the tragic news of Poly Styrene's death. Poly Styrene was the lead singer in critically acclaimed punk band X-Ray Spex. Poly died after the breast cancer she was battling spread to her spine. Although her battle with cancer was announced a few months ago no-one could have guessed how advanced it was since Poly was promoted her latest album, Generation Indigo, from her hospital bed.

Poly cut a striking figure in the late 70s punk scene. Her look, attitude and approach to music as a mixed-race, braces wearing was worlds apart from her contemporaries and she will forever be remembered for her opening line to her most famous song "some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think..."

Without Poly it would be difficult to think how today's music scene would be as her influence can be seen in the vocal stylings of everyone from Beth Ditto, Karen O, Kathleen Hanna and Corin Tucker.

Although X-Ray Spex only ever released one album, Germ Free Adolescents, they still are thought of as one of the stand out bands from the punk era due to Poly's modern lyrics which tackled issues consumerism, environmentalism and identity. Poly Styrene really was one in a million and will be truly missed.

Monday, 25 April 2011


With the vast array of twee, girl group bands popping up every few minutes it's hard to believe that one group could stand out from the rest. Fortunately one band has done exactly that and made a song that puts them head and shoulders above the other pretenders.

Soda Shop are a Brookyln two piece comprised of Maria Usbeck from Selebrities and Drew Diver from Horse Shoes.  They make sun-drenched, 50s pop that will make you yearn for those long gone candy-striped, black and white days of yore.

Although they have only two songs floating around on the interweb they are two amazing songs that I for one could listen to again and again and again....

Soda Shop - Farewell from Drew Diver on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 April 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Best of Alt 80s

The 80s is a decade that was tarnished with day glo clothes, electro and big, big hair. It's hard to look back on those days and remember that some amazing bands came from that decade.

Young Marble Giants, Throwing Muses, Au Pairs to name a few are some of the classic bands that emerged from the neon decade.

Here's my definitive list of the best of the alternative 80s, as always if I miss something out just give me a shout.

1. Mexican Women- Throwing Muses
2. White Mice- Mo-Dettes
3. Private Idaho- B-52s
4. It's Obvious- Au Pairs
5. Music For Evenings- Young Marble Giants
6. I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You- Shop Assistants
7. Dream Come True- Dolly Mixture
8. Mais ou sont Passes Les Gazelles- Lizzy Mercier Descloux
9. Man Thinks Woman- Mecca Normal
10. Anticipation- Delta 5
11. Army Dreamers- Kate Bush
12. No Looking- The Raincoats

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Here at Don't Dance Her Down Boys we love everything 90s. I love the clothes, the TV and, most importantly, the music.

I honestly believe The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the best TV show ever and I can't get my day going without listening to Throwing Muses 'Shimmer'.

Given that I clearly have 90s related issues it's always a sweet relief when I discover a new 90s band to add to my already huge collection.

My newest band crush are Versus, a New York trio who played with grunge's loud/soft dynamics to make some pretty fun indie pop.

Versus are comprised of brothers Richard Baluyut (vocals, guitar) and Edward Baluyut (drums) and Fontaine Toups (bassist). The band were one of a few American bands during the 1990's to have Asian American members.

The Song of the Month is 'That Girl's Gone' which features bassist Fontaine Toups on vocals. The catchy beat and girly vocals are perfect for 90s loving ears. If you haven't heard much about Versus I implore to look into them, you know you want to.