Thursday, 31 March 2011


Vivian Girls front woman, Cassie Ramone has been pretty busy lately. Along with preparing for the new Vivian Girls album she's also been working over the last year on a side project with Kevin Morby guitarist/bassist called The Babies.

Morby has taken over on lead vocals and song writing with Ramone on lead guitar and backing vocals. The pair started writing songs as flatmates to pass the time.

After recruiting Justin Sullivan on drums and Nathanael Stark on bass The Babies line up was complete.

Like Vivian Girls Babies make cute lo-fi music but that's where the comparison ends. Babies make scuzzy 60s inspired energetic indie-pop that's perfect for dancing.

Especially for you here are some Babies treats, enjoy.

Download: Run Me Over
Download: Breakin' The Law

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


This month's Golden Oldies take us back to the the 70s no wave movement in that backstreets of Paris where Lizzy Mercier Descloux developed her sparse, minimalist, free-flowing rhythms.

A precocious and intellgent teenager Descloux moved to at the age of 18 where she hung out with Patti Smith and Richard Hell who based a character in his novel on her. Hell described Descloux as seeming to "come from another dimension", a description that was certainly apt for Descloux's confident and creative character.

As a self taught guitarist her music was minimalist but vital. She used quite feminine rhythms, not unlike The Raincoats and Kleenex, and funky rhythms inspired by world music to create her own style.

Her debut album, Press Colour, was released in 1979. From it my favourite song has to be 'Fire' a dancable, disco-like track that could have easily just covered old ground but instead Descloux challenges the listener to great effect.

Later in her career Descloux became more and more influenced by African music which can be seen in her second album Mambo Nassau and her 1984 single 'Mais où Sont Passées les Gazelles?' which was a hit in France.

Descloux had a ten year music career through which she released six albums and garnered some critical acclaim. She moved to Corsica in the 90s to focus on painting and writing.

Unfortunately Descloux passed away after a battle with cancer in 2003 but she will always be remembered as one of the most inventive and minimalist artists to emerge out of the 70s no wave movement.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Ladyfest Manchester

Ladyfest Manchester plans to mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Themed around The Slits (in memoriam of Ari Up, who sadly died last year) we are privileged to have original Slits member Viv Albertine. Headliners are Manchester band, Hooker.

The event will also feature DJs, an online collaborative zine, comedy, acoustic acts and a special Ladyfest quiz!

£5 in advance, £7.50 on the door.

Ladyfest Manchester Sunday 13th March

Order tickets via Eventbrite

Friday, 11 March 2011

**EVENT** Women of the World Festival Conference

Women of the World Festival Conference
11 – 13 March
WOW – Women of the World launches its first year with speakers from across five continents. It brings together amazing stories of triumph, action, challenge and enterprise from girls of 14 to women of 80. Musicians, lawyers, scientists, members of the clergy, journalists, politicians, community activists, gardeners, school girls and cocoa growers share ideas for change. Women's organisations of every persuasion are represented in a great weekend of fierce debate and fantastic fun. Plus market activities, speed mentoring and networking opportunities. Speakers include Shami Chakrabarti, Marin Alsop, Helena Kennedy QC, Kay Mellor, Caroline Lucas MP, Kate Mosse, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Kat Banyard, Juliet Stevenson, Bianca Jagger, Barb Jungr, Rosie Boycott, Allison Pearson, Frances Osborne and Dr Precious Lunga.

Find out more about the festival and how you can take part at

**MIXTAPE ALERT** You Remember The 90s Don't Cha

In the last few weeks the 90s has taken over my life even more than it usually does. At the end of February I DJed at a 90s night in north London and at the beginning of April I'll be djing at another night in Dalston (I know I'm in demand at the moment).

As a result I have been indulging in the coolest and cheesiest parts of the nineties (you'll know what I mean when you listen to the mixtape) and it has been heaven.

Readers of my blog will probably know that I tend to favour artists from this splendid decade and for good reason. The 90s gave the world PJ Harvey, riot grrrl, the best rnb girl group and pop music that you could line dance to (Steps). LINE DANCING. Line dancing, why of all things did they try and impose that on us when we were merely impressionable youngsters. Anywho enjoy this mix and if I've missed out something obviously cheesy let me know.

You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette
Bills, Bills, Bills- Destiny's Child
Words And Guitar- Sleater-Kinney
Cannonball- Breeders
Ch-Check It Out- Beastie Boys
Barbie Girl [Radio Edit]- Aqua
Feed the Tree- Belly
Straight- Veruca Salt
Meet Ze Monsta- PJ Harvey
Scooby Snacks- Fun Lovin' Criminals
Celebrity Skin- Hole
Doo Wop (That Thing)- Lauryn Hill
Are You That Somebody- Aaliyah
Bitch- Meredith Brooks
Birdhouse in Your Soul- They Might Be Giants
Here- Luscious Jackson
Mulder And Scully- Catatonia
Superball- Helium
Bright Yellow Gun- Throwing Muses
Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer
Pure Morning- Placebo
Parklife- Blur

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Courtesy of Larry Strung Photography

Garage rock. It's a rarely used term in music journalism these days, the last time the phrase was used so liberally was back when The White Stripes and The Strokes were in their hey day, i.e the good old days. Since then garage rock has gone underground.

Distressed by how we neglected it so when the 80s/electro revival came around a few years ago it vowed never to come back up to the surface to show its face ever again. That was until one determined band dragged it back to the light.

The Barettas, a Canadian three-piece who sport a spectacular array of polka dot dresses, quiffs and red lippy, are the band of the moment or at least the band of my moment.

Katie (vocals and guitar), Kate (bass) and Carly (drums) say that the inspiration for their music comes from the "industrial decay and grittiness" of their home town Hamilton. Now I've never been to Hamilton but I would have to assume from their music that it is a 24/7 doo-wop fest with guys and gals shimmying the night away to cool tunes like theirs.

Their latest single 'Touche' is a doo wop, garage rock inspired guitar pop tune that is so catchy and fun the most sour music lovers will dancing with joy to this one.

The Barettas may not be coming to the UK for a while keep an eye out I'm sure we'll here more from them very soon.

The Barettas latest single 'Touche' is available to download now.

For more information:

**VIDEO** PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Over here at Don't Dance Her Down Boys we're coming to realise that we are a tad Hersh mad. Everything she has ever done is up on here so this post this going to be quite predictable but oh well.

Last week Hersh debuted the first song from 50 Foot Wave's upcoming album With Love From The Men's Room.

'Radiant Addict' is a punky little stomper of a tune. Thundering bass, killer drums and snarling vocals are all a major feature of 50 Foot Wave songs and that's why we love them.

What's great is that you download it for free hence my title free music. Just take it, you don't have to feel bad or anything. Go on, you know you want to.

Download: Radiant Addict

For more information:

Girls Play Bass The Best

Bassists are an overlooked group in general. You can barely hear them over everyone else's showing off event hough they're the ones keeping the rhythm going and keeping the song in check. I wanted to pay some respect to the lady bassists out there since they have a tough job but they still go out and do it well. Here is Don't Dance Her Down Boys definitive list of the most amazing female bassists out there. As always if you think I've missed someone out give me a shout.

Kim Gordon
We couldn't include this list without the godmother of experimental rock on here could we. Sonic Youth have been going strong for well over two decades now and it doesn't look like they're going to stop any time soon. Gordon's icy demeanour and free and loose way of playing has inspired thousands of girls to pick up a bass and try it themselves.

Listen: Sugar Kane

Tina Weymouth
Talking Heads bassist and member of Tom Tom Club, Tina Weymouth, is an obvious choice for this list. She was a founding member of one of the greatest art punk bands in history. Weymouth is a self taught guitarist who was encouraged to play bass by her then boyfriend and Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz and David Byrne. She has later stated that the encouragement she received from both men was critical to her grasp of her instrument.

Listen: Sugar On My Tongue

Kim Deal
Kim Deal is without doubt an indie rock legend who was and still is an integral part to her band The Pixies. I just love her stage presence; her head and limbs swayed around in a jerky rhythm like she was being possesed by the song. Deal had a simplistic approach to the bass but it was never a novice's approach. Deal played it straightforward and minimal, never slipping into the ususal rock cliches or what she previously described as how "real bass players" play.
Listen: Gouge Away

Leslie Langston
An unknown one by still amazing. Leslie Langston was bassist in the alternative rock band Throwing Muses from 1984-1990. Described by one reviewer as a 'dreaded hippie' Langston certainly did cut a striking figure on stage with her waist length dreads swaying to the beat. Langston's style was, like the muses, experimental, harsh, spasmodic but ultimately beat driven. Her parts were always driving the song no matter how out there they sounded. As noted in band mate Kristin Hersh's memoir Rat Girl, when questioned about, what the interviewer deemed was the band's 'random' way of playing Langston responded "We work really hard to play like this.  No one teaches you how to play this way."

Listen: Fall Down