Wednesday, 23 September 2009

*MIXTAPE ALERT* The Best of Riot Grrrl- part 1

This was going to happen sooner or later since Riot Grrrl was the main reason I started this blog. I made this list a while ago on another social networking site, under the same name. I went back to it recently after not going there for a while and realised there were quite a few things I loved. I will be uploading different things from that site over the next couple of weeks.

For now enjoy the first part of my Riot Grrrl mix, more to come later x.x.x.

Best of Riot Grrrl- part 1 tracklisting:
Bikini Kill- Suck My Left One
Bratmobile- Soapy
Huggy Bear- No Sleep
Excuse 17- Watchmaker
Emily's Sassy Lime- Mr Moneybag$
Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl
Cold Cold Hearts- Broken Teeth
Bratmobile- The Real Janelle
Cadallaca- The Trouble With Public Places
Heavens To Betsy- Get Out Of My Head
Heavens To Betsy- Monsters
Hole- Teenage Whore

Get On The Internet!!!

News in the Blogosphere is that our favourite riot grrrl, Kathleen Hanna, has her own blog here

Apparently from her latest post Kathleen and Le Tigre band mate, Johanna, went on Neurotic's radio show to talk about zines. let's hope this means there will be at least an EP soon to satisfy the fans. We're dying out here.

Thanks to
Grrrlsounds for the heads up.

Monday, 14 September 2009


It's that time of the month again and the song to represent this month is one that viciously, and I mean that in a good way, and honestly rips apart the standards for women in modern society.

The song of the month is Bata Motel by CRASS.

The amazing thing about the song is that even though it was written way back in 1984, I wasn't even born yet, it is still meaningful today. This song is perfect for those times when the world just doesn't seem to like you. You know those times when you hear more prehistoric dating advice for women, make sure you crouch at all times when walking hand in hand with your man you don't want to hurt his ego. Just think it's ok cuz "I've got 5,4,3,2,1".

I have to love this song if only for the reason that it contains my favourite lyric of all time "Beautifully mutilated as I fall". Love it.

It's so perfect there's no point me dissecting and analysing it so i'm just going to put the lyrics up for you to admire.

CRASS- Bata Motel
I've got 54321,
I've got a red pair of high-heels on,
Tumble me over, it doesn't take much,
Tumble me over, tumble me, push.
In my red high-heels I've no control,
The rituals of repression are so old,
You can do what you like, there'll be no reprisal,
I'm yours, yes I'm yours, it's my means of survival.

I've got 54321,
Come on my love, I know you're strong,
Push me hard, make me stagger,
The pain in my back just doesn't matter.
You force-hold me above the ground,
I can't get away, my feet are bound,
So I'm bound to say,
That I'm bound to stay.

Well today I look so good,
Just like I know I should,
My breasts to tempt inside my bra,
My face is painted like a movie star,
I've studied my flaws in your reflection
And put them to rights with savage correction,
I've turned my statuesque perfection
And shone it over in your direction.
So come on darling, make me yours,
Trip me over, show me the floor,
Tease me, tease me, make me stay,
In my red high-heels I can't get away.
I'm trussed and bound like an oven ready bird
But I bleed without dying and won't say a word.
Slice my flesh and I'll ride the scar,
Put me into gear like your lady car,
Drive me fast and crash me crazy,
I'll rise from the wreckage as fresh as a daisy.
These wounds leave furrows as they heal,
I've travelled them, they're red and real,
I know them well, they're part of me,
My birth, my sex, my history,
They grew with me, my closest friend,
My pain's my own, my pain's my end.
Clip my wings so you know where I am.
I can't get lost while you're my man.
Tame me so I know your call,
I've stabbed my heels so I am tall,
I've bound my twisted falling fall,
Beautiful mute against the wall,
Beautifully mutilated as I fall.
Use me don't lose me.

I've got 54321,
I've got a red pair of high-heels on.
Strap my ankles, break my heels,
Make me kneel, make me feel.
Turn, turn, turn, like a clockwork doll,
Put in your key and give me a whirl.
Tease me, tease me, the reason to play,
In my red high-heels I can't get away.
I'll be your bonsai, your beautiful bonsai,
Your black-eye bonsai, erotically rotting.
Will my tiny feet fit your desire?
Warped and tied I walk on fire.
Burn me out, twist my wrists,
I promise not to shout, beat me with your fists.
Squeeze me, squeeze me, make me feel,
In my red high-heels I'm an easy kill.
Tease me, tease me, make me see,
You're the only one, I need to be me.
Thankyou, will you take me?
Thankyou, will you make me?
Thankyou, will you break me?
Use me don't lose me,
Taste me, don't waste me.
Use, lose, taste, waste.

Peaches- Take You On

Here's the latest video from Peaches for 'Take You On'.

I love this woman and the recent news that Peaches has a new official blog and Peaches TV, a youtube channel filled with endless videos of peaches, means we can look forward to more videos like this.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

It's the Spice Girls All Over Again...

Dear reader, you must be wondering why on earth I would make a reference to The Spice Girls on what is supposed to a reputable music blog. Well I have good reason. I am referring to the female singer/songwriter snowstorm that we have had of late. You can't turn a corner without being hit in the face by the Little Boots' 'New In Town', an awful song and stupid video featuring dancing homeless people considering we're in the middle of a recession, La Roux's 'In For The Kill', actually a good song if you don't mind that she's singing about 10 notes out of her range, and any of Florence and the Machine's over the top warbling, you're not Mariah Carey Florence.

Now technically this is what female artists have wanted for decades. For their work to be commercially and critically accepted along with everything else out there.

This has certainly been the case for all three of our girls. La Roux's third single 'Bulletproof' entered the charts at number one and was nominated for the prestigious Mercury prize. Everyone from the NME to Esquire magazine have heaped praise on the Blackpool born Little Boots who scored a top 20 hit with 'New in Town'.
Florence comes last in my list but by no means least. Flo has been used as shorthand for every eccentric hippy girl out there by the music press. Along with La Roux, Flo was nominated for Mercury Prize and has been highly rated by every critic out there.

This all sounds like a good thing, an amazing thing, a breakthrough for women in music but my pessimistic side is telling me to beware the heavenly glow of this recent movement and look to what is festering at the heart of it.

It all reminds me of how well the spice girls were marketed in the 90s as a girl friendly band, like they were the fourth wave of the feminist movement reborn in platform heels and glittery dresses. Of course they were nothing of the sort. It was all a carefully marketed plan to sell female culture back to girls, with interest.

A recent conversation with a friend had us reminiscing on just how well marketed the Spice Girls actually were. Every tweenage girl had some sort of Spice Girls memorabilia and if they didn't there was always a helpful little guide included in their albums to help you choose what to buy. The Spice Girls leggings or the Spice Girls sandwich maker it's such a hard choice.
Kathleen Hanna talks about the exploitation of female culture for big business in the video for her song Aerobicide.

I wish Flo, La Roux and Little Boots well but it's hard for me to imagine they will do anything spectacular with their time in the spotlight, such is the problem of being signed to a major label. You have to make money for the man which all involves selling your souls to consumerism.

Remembering the Original Rebel Grrrls

Head over to penjamin's channel on Youtube to watch more unseen videos of Bikini Kill. I haven't watched all of them yet but this vid is my favourite so far. I love Kathleen's spontaneous speeches.

Jesus Died For Somebody's Sins But Not Mine...

Patti Smith Gloria

This song never grows old...