Friday, 26 November 2010

This Is Going To Be My Theme Tune


Wild Flag (L-R Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony, Janet Weiss, Rebecca Cole)

Ok this is nothing new but I thought I'd post about Wild Flag.

The all girl (or woman) super group was announced months ago and they have already begun their first west coasts American tour but it still think I really need to push home the point that they are just blowing my little noggin (first and last time I used the word 'noggin' I promise).
Wild Flower

Two parts Sleater-Kinney (Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein) and one part Helium (Mary Timony) and one part Minders (Rebecca Cole) there are enough indie legends for the band to take the world by storm.

Surprisingly they have gone for a different approach. Wild Flag are slightly low key about everything a small press release was all that was used to announce their conception, none of their songs are available on their official sites and most of the buzz around them has been spread by bloggers and fellow musicians.

Wild Flag at High Drive
I suppose that is far more of a real, grassroots way of spreading the word rather than employing a huge PR and marketing team.

Obviously the music's amazing. Their are only a few musicians that could scream "Come on and ride/ Pony up" over classic rock riffs and still make it sound good.

According to their official twitter account they're recording their first 7" right now. I can imagine Carrie laying down some spine-tingly riffs over Janet's steady beats. 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Have You Heard The Newsflash...

I love this song but can't find any information on the vocalist Sandra Melody.

If anyone knows anything about her I will repay you in gumdrops and fruit pastilles (I'm so poor).

Kathleen Hanna The Tribute Show

Well it's been a good year for Kathleen Hanna lovers. This summer saw the opening of the Bikini Kill archive blog detailing the lives of the 90s band like a diary from Hanna herself, the Le Tigre: On Tour documentary showed in London this Autumn, news that there will also be a Kathleen Hanna documentary and now...gasp...a Kathleen Hanna tribute show.

If there is anyone from punk history that is due their moment of glory then Hanna is certainly right up there, with Poly Styrene and The Raincoats right behind her those ladies were mind-blowing.

The show, Rah Rah Replica, features some of Hanna's contemporaries, friends and probably those who idolised her as a awkward teenage picking up the mic to perform covers of Hanna's most popular songs. You know that's going to turn into one huge sing-along after 5 minutes.

Unfortunately it's at the Knitting Factory in New York for those England-based Hanna lovers like me. But New Yorkers can also let out a little cry because it's already sold out, ha!

All proceeds from the show will go towards Sini Anderson's documentary on Hanna which is in production now.

Reports say that Anderson will be filming the entire show so fingers crossed we'll be able to be there, if only by watching on a dvd or youtube, soon.

For now I wanna know what song of Hanna's vast back catalogue you would cover. I get first dibs on Deceptacon.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

*MIXTAPE ALERT* Ladyfest Ten

This November Don't Dance Her Down Boys will be dedicated to Ladyfest Ten, the global arts festival that celebrates women's creativity and counter culture.

This month's mixtape has a selction of the best grrrl bands paying the festival this weekend giving a little taster of just how mind-shatteringly amazing our programme is.

We've got MEN, La La Vasquez, Nicky Click, Vile Vile Creatures, Lady Leshurr, Tender Trap, Viv Albertine, Trash Kit, Severin, Battant and many more.

For more information about Ladyfest Ten's music programme visit:

1. Don't Rush Me- La La Vasquez
2. Women's Final- Wetdog
3. Do You Want a Boyfriend?- Tender Trap
4. Silver Chord- Jane Weaver
5. Found Love in a Graveyard- Veronica Falls
6. Cadets- Trash Kit
7. Lair- Peepholes
8. Make It Reverse- MEN
9. NIMN- She Makes War

Monday, 8 November 2010

Just Found Out About...Tami Hart

So I was browsing YouTube the other day and I managed to stumble across one of the best singers I've heard in a while.

While watching some videos of the 'Girls To The Front' launch party, which is an amazing book by the way and if you haven't already you should get a copy, I noticed there were some videos of some bands that played the launch.

Then I clicked on Tami Hart playing a song called 'Yr Shadow' and I was immediately drawn in. Her broken down vocals reminded me of a rawer version of Beth Ditto and the bluesy, three chord guitar riff mirrored some of the early White Stripes work.

To me this is just perfect.

Friday, 5 November 2010

I Love This!!!

This is just cute.

h/t Suck My Left One


It's that time of the month, it's the song of the month, yay!

Judge me if you will but I have to admit that I think I've fallen astray. I just couldn't help myself that string section, that voice, that red hair. How could I resist. Yes readers I've fallen in love with a song from the Twilight soundtrack.

Now to bring my cool points up in your eyes I have never actually seen the trilogy and I'm actually unsure of what it's actually about (I think it's something about monsters) but I love this song and I know you do to. I mean how could you not. Flo is at her best, screaming her lungs out about love and death and looking pretty damn cool doing it.

It's a little emo but I don't care, I'm a little emo inside and I don't care who knows.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ladyfest Ten Next Weekend

So after a year of planning, stressing, organising and, most importantly, making friends it's all over. Ladyfest Ten comes to London Town on the 12-14th November.

I can promise you it's going to be a good one I can promise you that.

Our programme has the likes of MEN, Shazia Mirza, Nicky Click, Kate Smurthwaite, Trash Kit, Wet Dog, Viv Albertine and a fabulous Lady Garden.

We also have amazing workshops on how to run a Ladyfest, self defence, comedy, screen writing, bike maintenance and a ukulele jamming session.

As with all Ladyfests all the money raised from Ladyfest Ten will be donated to  charity. We have chosen the wonderful charity Eaves that provides housing and support to vulnerable women.

If you haven't already bought tickets then what are you waiting for go get them, now. Ticket prices start at £12.50 so get buying.

You find out more information about Ladyfest's history, programme information and purchasing tickets at

If you have any questions then get in touch at