Thursday, 25 November 2010

Kathleen Hanna The Tribute Show

Well it's been a good year for Kathleen Hanna lovers. This summer saw the opening of the Bikini Kill archive blog detailing the lives of the 90s band like a diary from Hanna herself, the Le Tigre: On Tour documentary showed in London this Autumn, news that there will also be a Kathleen Hanna documentary and now...gasp...a Kathleen Hanna tribute show.

If there is anyone from punk history that is due their moment of glory then Hanna is certainly right up there, with Poly Styrene and The Raincoats right behind her those ladies were mind-blowing.

The show, Rah Rah Replica, features some of Hanna's contemporaries, friends and probably those who idolised her as a awkward teenage picking up the mic to perform covers of Hanna's most popular songs. You know that's going to turn into one huge sing-along after 5 minutes.

Unfortunately it's at the Knitting Factory in New York for those England-based Hanna lovers like me. But New Yorkers can also let out a little cry because it's already sold out, ha!

All proceeds from the show will go towards Sini Anderson's documentary on Hanna which is in production now.

Reports say that Anderson will be filming the entire show so fingers crossed we'll be able to be there, if only by watching on a dvd or youtube, soon.

For now I wanna know what song of Hanna's vast back catalogue you would cover. I get first dibs on Deceptacon.

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