Wednesday, 10 November 2010

*MIXTAPE ALERT* Ladyfest Ten

This November Don't Dance Her Down Boys will be dedicated to Ladyfest Ten, the global arts festival that celebrates women's creativity and counter culture.

This month's mixtape has a selction of the best grrrl bands paying the festival this weekend giving a little taster of just how mind-shatteringly amazing our programme is.

We've got MEN, La La Vasquez, Nicky Click, Vile Vile Creatures, Lady Leshurr, Tender Trap, Viv Albertine, Trash Kit, Severin, Battant and many more.

For more information about Ladyfest Ten's music programme visit:

1. Don't Rush Me- La La Vasquez
2. Women's Final- Wetdog
3. Do You Want a Boyfriend?- Tender Trap
4. Silver Chord- Jane Weaver
5. Found Love in a Graveyard- Veronica Falls
6. Cadets- Trash Kit
7. Lair- Peepholes
8. Make It Reverse- MEN
9. NIMN- She Makes War


  1. Aww thanks so much for including NIMN - am very proud to among such wonderful women musicians :) I hope you had time to enjoy the brilliant Ladyfest weekend!

    Lau x

  2. Hi Laura, how could I not include NIMN. Thanks for playing Ladyfest Ten. I had a great time, hope you did too x.x.x.