Friday, 30 April 2010


Practically all of my favourite artists are from Mad Decent's label and this lady is one of the them.

Hailing from the city of dreams New York, Maluca is the epitomy of the ethnically and culturally diverse city.

Maluca mixes hip-hop beats, latin rhythms and poppy goodness together to make club bliss. Her latest single 'El Tigeraso' immediately takes you to the hustle and bustle of her hometown. I love it.

Keep an eye on this one you'll hear the name Maluca again pretty soon.

UK Tour Dates:
26th May- Village Underground, London
30th May- Mad Decent/ Bugged Out Warehouse Party, London

El Tigeraso

MALUCA | MySpace Music Videos

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Grace Jones Has Nothing To Worry About

Grace Jones accused Lady Gaga of stealing her look in a interview in the Guardian recently and when asked if she liked her music Ms Jones replied "I wouldn't go to see her".

Meow, but does Jones really have anything to worry about.

Gaga is leading the pop world now but will anyone care in 10 years time.

I think we all know that Gaga is OK for today but it takes a special lady to bore herself into our memory boxes and still remain a icon after attacking a presenter on live TV.

Grace Jones we salut you.

Review: Kate Nash- My Best Friend Is You

After some time in the wilderness, i.e. North London, Nash is back with her second album My Best Friend Is You.

There was some hype before the album's release when the brilliantly sluggish, grungey track 'I Just Love You More' was leaked. The stand out track from the album displays Nash at her best, when she keeps things simple.  No over thought lyrics, no over the top vocals or warbling.

The same can be said about my other favourite track on the album 'I've Got A Secret'. Nash's sweet yet disturbingly simple sing song sounds like a child hiding in their own little world.

The problem with Nash is that she always tries too hard. Her attempts to make a serious yet light-hearted yet realistic reading of everyday life on 'Don't You Want To Share The Guilt' wears thin quickly and turns into embarrasment.

'Do-Wah-Doo' is a jumped up rockabilly rejection song in which Nash tells the object of her affections that she's ok with being alone, finding solace in books instead.

Nash stated that she wanted the album to be influenced by both her love of 60s girl groups and 90s riot grrrl music.

For practically any girl in her early twenties who has been effected by Bratmobile or Bikini Kill this sounds like the building blocks for a perfect band.

This is mainly why I want Nash to succeed in her efforts because she is basically like most girls my age, well except that most of us don't have a boyfriend in The Cribs, trying to work her way through the world.

Unfortunately the attempt to fuse two genres of music that really never should meet only make Nash seem like she is making fun of both of them.

Let's make this clear I am a fan of Nash, her work and her ideals but when looking at My Best Friend Is You as a whole body of work I am left extremely disappointing.

Recommended: Paris, I Just Love You More, I've Got A Secret

Friday, 23 April 2010

M.I.A is a Punk Rocker

M.I.A has come out of the woodwork again with this guitar driven semi punk rock anthem.

I'm still making my mind up about it. It sounds like M.I.A teamed up with Joan Jett, the ultimate collaboration, but it also manges to sound like an amateur imitating M.I.A at the same time.

Let me know what you think.

H/T Pitchfork

Update: Here is M.I.A's extremely violent video for Born Free. If you are of the ginger persuasion I'd suggest you look away now.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Julie Ruin Design Competition

Kathleen Hanna has decided that since all of her other bands had a tshirt design to remember them by it's only fair that her solo outfit, Julie Ruin, is remembered in such a way.

Every band I’ve been in has a t shirt, except poor Julie Ruin. So I thought it would be fun to have a T- Shirt Design Contest (thanks to lesley arfin for the idea). So here’s the deal, design a tee shirt and send it to me and if you win you will get a hundred bux and a super special cd mix made by me.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Since Micachu is Cancelled Here is What I Should Be Seeing Now....

Damn you ash cloud.

Hmm... It's Got a Tasty Rhythm

This is a new feature dedicated to riDONKously catchy songs, that get so embedded in your head that your brain cells and the song become one.

Mother Mother have made this type of song exactly in the form of Hayloft.

I first heard Mother Mother on Lauren Laverne's, another reason why 6music is clearly a sacred place and should not be closed down, radio show.

I didn't hear the band name or song title, I was hard at work on Twitter at the time. All I knew was that professional bitch Perez Hilton loved them, eeeek.

The opening riff started and I was hooked.

I thought they were a dance group influenced by world music. You know the ones whose videos are a barrage of colours and sounds you've never seen or heard before. Little did I know that they were actually, in comparison, a seemingly run of the mill four piece indie band from Toronto.

If you want your idea of pop to be immensely blown listen to Mother Mother.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Girl Germs Goes 90s

Girl Germs Goes 90s
Saturday 10th April 2010 at 9pm till late
Camden Head, Camden High Street

Girls Germs is a grrrl-tastic night of music, zines, cakes and dancing. We’ll be playing Le Tigre, Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney, The Slits, Gossip, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bikini Kill, M.I.A. and plenty of other amazing tunes by amazing grrrls. It’s a celebration of women’s creativity, proof that girls making music is more than just a faddy trend.

This time, Girl Germs has gone back to everyone's favourite decade, the 90's! Let's pretend riot grrrl is just revving up, and Courtney Love is throwing make-up at Madonna. Dust off your babydoll dress and get ready to dance like it's 1994!

There'll be free cakes, zines from the brilliant Vampire Sushi distro and 90's grrrl classics on the stereo.

There'll be the usual Girl Germs dj's Lydia & Laura as well as the lovely Tukru, and hopefully some other awesome girls (drop us an email if you'd like a spot!)

Come and dance with us!!

For more information on Girl Germs click here.


Pop. That word, genre, capitalist marketing team, whatever you want to call it, is what the whole alternative scene came together to fight against.

Indie was meaningful, real, challenging and pop was, errr, well evil. Just evil no explanations.

Now that we've seen indie music jump stream into the mainstream, see what I did there, can we really hold it up to such high esteem and call it 'independent' any more.  It is just as popular as traditional pop and r'n'b and it is fair to say indie has been equally bad at times.

With that in mind I believe we shouldn't turn our noses up at more popular music anymore.

It has made collosal mistakes, as does every other genre, but no one can deny that it has come up with as many gems over the years as any other genre.

So here's my mixtape with what I think are some particularly huge pop diamonds, enjoy.

1. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)- Beyonce
2. Are You That Somebody?- Aaliyah
3. L.E.S Artistes- Santigold
4. Love Long Distance- Gossip
5. Bootylicious- Destiny's Child
6. Bulletproof- La Roux
7. Hot 'n' Cold- Katy Perry
8. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
9. Bills Bills Bills- Destiny's Child
10. Rude Boy (Diplo Rudeboyz Remix)- Rihanna
11. Lights Out- Santigold
12. Sweet Dreams- Beyonce
13. Make It Take It- Amanda Blank
14. Stillness Is The Move (Dirty Projectors Cover)- Solange
15. Jai Ho- A. R. Rahman Ft. Pussycat Dolls
16. Telephone- Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce