Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review: Kate Nash- My Best Friend Is You

After some time in the wilderness, i.e. North London, Nash is back with her second album My Best Friend Is You.

There was some hype before the album's release when the brilliantly sluggish, grungey track 'I Just Love You More' was leaked. The stand out track from the album displays Nash at her best, when she keeps things simple.  No over thought lyrics, no over the top vocals or warbling.

The same can be said about my other favourite track on the album 'I've Got A Secret'. Nash's sweet yet disturbingly simple sing song sounds like a child hiding in their own little world.

The problem with Nash is that she always tries too hard. Her attempts to make a serious yet light-hearted yet realistic reading of everyday life on 'Don't You Want To Share The Guilt' wears thin quickly and turns into embarrasment.

'Do-Wah-Doo' is a jumped up rockabilly rejection song in which Nash tells the object of her affections that she's ok with being alone, finding solace in books instead.

Nash stated that she wanted the album to be influenced by both her love of 60s girl groups and 90s riot grrrl music.

For practically any girl in her early twenties who has been effected by Bratmobile or Bikini Kill this sounds like the building blocks for a perfect band.

This is mainly why I want Nash to succeed in her efforts because she is basically like most girls my age, well except that most of us don't have a boyfriend in The Cribs, trying to work her way through the world.

Unfortunately the attempt to fuse two genres of music that really never should meet only make Nash seem like she is making fun of both of them.

Let's make this clear I am a fan of Nash, her work and her ideals but when looking at My Best Friend Is You as a whole body of work I am left extremely disappointing.

Recommended: Paris, I Just Love You More, I've Got A Secret

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