Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hmm... It's Got a Tasty Rhythm

This is a new feature dedicated to riDONKously catchy songs, that get so embedded in your head that your brain cells and the song become one.

Mother Mother have made this type of song exactly in the form of Hayloft.

I first heard Mother Mother on Lauren Laverne's, another reason why 6music is clearly a sacred place and should not be closed down, radio show.

I didn't hear the band name or song title, I was hard at work on Twitter at the time. All I knew was that professional bitch Perez Hilton loved them, eeeek.

The opening riff started and I was hooked.

I thought they were a dance group influenced by world music. You know the ones whose videos are a barrage of colours and sounds you've never seen or heard before. Little did I know that they were actually, in comparison, a seemingly run of the mill four piece indie band from Toronto.

If you want your idea of pop to be immensely blown listen to Mother Mother.

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