Don't Dance Her Down Boys is a one woman army on a mission to right the wrongs of the male dominated music press and correct the inbalance of the boy crazy indie scene.

This is not another music blog.  I don't want to write what everyone else can write and don't want to say what a million other people can say.

Don't Dance Her Down Boys aims to:
  • Give readers intelligent critiques on the state of the music industry
  • Focus on creative new artists to make sure their voice is heard
  • Pay homage to those who came before us
  • Not write about obvious topics, I love me some Bikini Kill and Kathleen Hanna but there is more that needs to be discussed
  • Have a positive outlook on the world and what's to come
With my mission statement in place I hope that through this blog I can show that talent and creativity override gender and sex. Women have always, are always and will always be involved in music.

"Don't dance her down boys/ Don't dance her down/ Don't dance her down boys/ Her man's in town"- Fiery Furnaces