Wednesday, 9 March 2011


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Garage rock. It's a rarely used term in music journalism these days, the last time the phrase was used so liberally was back when The White Stripes and The Strokes were in their hey day, i.e the good old days. Since then garage rock has gone underground.

Distressed by how we neglected it so when the 80s/electro revival came around a few years ago it vowed never to come back up to the surface to show its face ever again. That was until one determined band dragged it back to the light.

The Barettas, a Canadian three-piece who sport a spectacular array of polka dot dresses, quiffs and red lippy, are the band of the moment or at least the band of my moment.

Katie (vocals and guitar), Kate (bass) and Carly (drums) say that the inspiration for their music comes from the "industrial decay and grittiness" of their home town Hamilton. Now I've never been to Hamilton but I would have to assume from their music that it is a 24/7 doo-wop fest with guys and gals shimmying the night away to cool tunes like theirs.

Their latest single 'Touche' is a doo wop, garage rock inspired guitar pop tune that is so catchy and fun the most sour music lovers will dancing with joy to this one.

The Barettas may not be coming to the UK for a while keep an eye out I'm sure we'll here more from them very soon.

The Barettas latest single 'Touche' is available to download now.

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