Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Here at Don't Dance Her Down Boys we love everything 90s. I love the clothes, the TV and, most importantly, the music.

I honestly believe The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the best TV show ever and I can't get my day going without listening to Throwing Muses 'Shimmer'.

Given that I clearly have 90s related issues it's always a sweet relief when I discover a new 90s band to add to my already huge collection.

My newest band crush are Versus, a New York trio who played with grunge's loud/soft dynamics to make some pretty fun indie pop.

Versus are comprised of brothers Richard Baluyut (vocals, guitar) and Edward Baluyut (drums) and Fontaine Toups (bassist). The band were one of a few American bands during the 1990's to have Asian American members.

The Song of the Month is 'That Girl's Gone' which features bassist Fontaine Toups on vocals. The catchy beat and girly vocals are perfect for 90s loving ears. If you haven't heard much about Versus I implore to look into them, you know you want to.

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