Friday, 23 December 2011

Sleigh Bells Announce New Album

Bass enthusiasts Sleigh Bells have come out of hiding to announce the title of their forthcoming second album and have decided to throw a little taster our way.

The Bells released a rather slick trailer video to announce their second album, Reign of Terror, which is set for release on February 13 2012 on Mom + Pop Records.

Produced by Derek E. Miller their extremely enthusiastic PR described the album as featuring "songs that are as crushing and authoritative as their title suggests; they're effortlessly robust and heavier than any of the band's previous output ... the sonic equivalent of a beautiful shotgun to the head." Yipes.

'Born to Lose', which you can listen to below, is the first single from the album and it features Sleigh Bells trademark shouty, girlish vocals layered over ample bass and distorted guitars.

The track list for Sleigh Bells' Reign of Terror:
  1. True Shred Guitar
  2. Born to Lose
  3. Crush
  4. End of the Line
  5. Leader of the Pack
  6. Comeback Kid
  7. Demons
  8. Road to Hell
  9. You Lost Me
  10. Never Say Die
  11. D.O.A

Born To Lose by Sleigh Bells

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