Thursday, 1 December 2011


I came to this a bit late but good God I love this song. Emeli Sandé, real name Adele Emeli Sandé, is a Glaswegian Aretha in the making and the owner of the powerhouse vocals, and fantastic blonde quiff, that make this song what it is. The Song of the Month this time round has to be 'Heaven' by Ms Sandé.

'Heaven' is a string-drenched club track; the kind that you can dance around to on a Saturday night out and still enjoy when you're lying in bed in your room. It is reminiscent of the essential 90s club track 'Unfinished Symphony' by Massive Attack.

I first heard this song when I was slightly tipsy round a friend's house on Halloween (we were going out after that and other people were drinking. I wasn't a lone drunk). In my drunken haze I knew one thing and one thing only. I needed to remember that song. So I wrote down her name on my phone and when I woke up the next morning looked her up and I've been in awe ever since.

Keep an eye out for Sandé, with her album due out early next year and her latest single 'Daddy' out now she's got her eye on a piece of, 2011 favourite, Adele's very profitable pie.

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