Tuesday, 22 November 2011


This month's From The Archives features the legendary X-Ray Spex. Although the band had a limited back catalogue, the 1978 punk classic Germ Free Adolescents and the less accessible 1995 album Conscious Consumer, they did release a few bootlegs of their live recordings which have become increasingly hard to find over the years. But today, I give you Live at the Roxy a collection of songs from the band's residence at the infamous London club. 

The recordings are rough to say the least. Lead singer Poly Styrene's voice isn't always there and sometimes the sax slips up or someone misses a beat but that's beside the point. The recording, although not perfect, does capture the chaotic, feral nature of the band and the punk scene at the time. 

Live at the Roxy is a great way to remember X-Ray Spex and, especially,  Poly who passed away earlier this year. So just before I leave, and I have to leave you, I would ask to listen to this album by strapping on your fanciest leather shift dress and army helmet to rock out to one of the punk movements finest creations.

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