Thursday, 3 November 2011


I always need a bit more riot grrrl in my life but I prefer it when it fits in with my life. Sleater-Kinney is needed when I wanna have a cry, a bit of Bikini Kill is thrown on when I'm feeling a bit more anarchic and, as of now, Throwing Up pops on my iPod when I want to have a good old scream.

The band consist of vocalist / guitarist Camille, bassist Claire and long-haired drummer Ben. The London-based trio make an ungodly, screamy racket and I love them for it. Camille, dressed like a English Courtney Love, decorates their songs with her girly vocals and mammoth screams.  Claire and Ben follow Camille's noisy instructions and fill up the song space with clattering, ringing joyfulness.

On 'When I Touch You' Camille berates a nervous lover, or stranger she just met on the tube it's never really clarified, to stop flinching and enjoy the moment. It's a jolty, snarling, concise number and comes to a fiery end when Camille decides to use the song as cheap therapy and directs a deafening howl into our ear holes.

Actually that's how a lot of Throwing Up songs end and that's exactly why I love them. A band that I can enjoy many a head banging Thursday evening with is the band for me.

Another one I would recommend is 'Mother Knows Best', a grungy, 90s tinged affair that sounds like a jolly, modern version of the riot grrrl favourites Huggy Bear.  It's disgustingly lo-fi with dirty riffs that you can't help but love. Because I am so lovely I've helpfully put a link to the song below for your perusal.

If you're into female punk, grunge or riot grrrl, and going on who reads this blog you probably are, then Throwing Up are definitely the new band for you.

When I Touch You from throwingup on Vimeo.

Download: Throwing Up- Medicine
Download: Throwing Up- Mother Knows Best

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