Monday, 14 November 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Film Soundtracks

I'll admit it, I'm not a massive film buff.  I get bored, lose interest, fail to follow the plot and more or less glaze over as soon as the movie starts. I am crap when it comes to movies but I do love soundtracks.

Even in the most mainstream movies you can hear some amazing songs played at the party scene or the pivotal boy finally gets together with girl under the willow tree.

I thought Mean Girls was already a pretty cool movie when I was watching it until I heard the Peaches song 'Operate' playing in the background of the party scene and realised it was beyond cool. Kudos to one Ms Tina Fey so that move by the way.

Since I, and hopefully you as well, much more about the soundtracks than the actual movie I've collated a selection of what I believe to be the best songs from some great films.....and Jackass 2. Sorry but Karen O and Peaches were on there and i can't resist that cool a collaboration.

Tracklisting (and the films they feature in):
1. Operate- Peaches (Mean Girls)
2. Snakeface- Throwing Muses (Empire Records)
3. One Time Too Many- PJ Harvey (Batman Forever)
4. All Is Love- Karen O and the Kids (Where the Wild Things Are)
5. Loose Lips- Kimya Dawson (Juno)
6. The Fox- Sleater-Kinney (Hard Candy)
7. You're Standing on My Neck- Splendora (Daria Movie Theme Song)
8. Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap (The Last Kiss)
9. Backass- Karen O ft. Peaches (Jackass 2)
10. Angry Inch- Sleater-Kinney (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
11. And I'm Telling You...- Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls)

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