Friday, 4 November 2011

**CLUB NIGHT** Club for Losers

So here's the dealio, a phrase I should definitely use more often, I play in a band that occasionally plays gigs. As it happens we have one pretty soon. On Friday 11 November actually which is very soon.

It's our second gig and we're pretty excited about the prospect of getting paid for gig but here's the catch. We get more money depending on how many people come through the door.

We need as many human bodies in that club as possible and even though I'm pretty scared of the idea of people seeing me play I would still rather play to someone rather than no one at all.

If the prospect of spending an evening watching my band doesn't woo you then the brilliant Choo Choo Trains and Go-Go Cult are also playing.

Hope to see you there. Obviously I won't recognise you since you're all hidden and anonymous behind glaring computer screens but I'll know. Oh how I'll know.

Club For Losers
Friday 11 November 10pm-3am
St Moritz
159 Wardour Street
London, W1F 8WJ

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