Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So this Ones to Watch may be a tad premature. The only online evidence, which is the only evidence that matters, of this band's existence is a bandcamp account with three demos on it. You may think I might be rushing it a bit but wait....these demos are immensely awesome. They are so awesome they've made me use the word awesome three times in the last minute, and I hate the word awesome. Hate it.

This band that I've bigged up to ridiculous proportions are Sneakpeek and this is all I know about them. They are an all female band from Echo Park in LA and they are currently working on their debut EP which is rumoured to be coming out later this year.

Even though I've not been able to drag up much from my investigative work on Google I do know that Sneakpeek make fuzzed out, reverb drenched lo-fi tunes straight from the 90s. If you begin your days wondering why everyone doesn't wear plaid anymore or how you could fashion a pair of dungarees out of your mum's old curtains then you are, like me, a 90s addict and you need a dose of Sneakpeek to get rid of your 90s blues. Take a peek at their demo 'Walk All Over Me (Live)' to help you get by. Trust me I'm a doctor.

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