Monday, 19 September 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** My Alternative Workout Mix

I hate to admit it as a feminist, a rational human being and a lover of things coated in chocolate I have a problem with my weight. I'm a tad bigger than I should be and no amount of positive thinking can console me when I'm crying in a Topshop changing room because a pair of size 14 jeans won't fit my 'curvy' behind.*

So I did the most unfeminist thing I could do along with being a serious drain on my bank account. I joined the gym. Now although I joined about 5 hours ago I already feel better but there's one thing that's bugging me. The club-tastic, uniform yawn-inducing music that gets belched through the gym's enormous loud speakers.

It's just SO awful. Who believed that we had to be numb to workout properly. I rebel, I say no I don't want to listen to Akon, I don't want to hear the god awful David Guetta more than once and I certainly don't want to find out what N-Dubz actually sound like.

You can work up a sweat and listen to some meaningful music whilst you're at it so here is my personal gym mix which I'll hopefully be using 3-4 times a week to lose around 13lbs over the next 2 months. Wish me luck.

1. Freak Like Me- Sugababes
2. 4th July- Kelis
3. Bloody Ice Cream- Bikini Kill
4. Youth Decay- Sleater-Kinney
5. Clara Bow- 50 Foot Wave
6. Sound of Kuduro- Buraka Som Sistema
7. Stutter- Elastica
8. Lime House- Breeders
9. Deceptacon- Le Tigre
10. Bulletproof- La Roux
11. Counting Backwards- Throwing Muses
12. Infinity Guitars- Sleigh Bells
13. Credit Card Babies- MEN
14. Hot n Cold- Katy Perry
15. Dusk Til Dawn- Ladyhawke
16. Just A Song About Ping Pong- Operator Please
17. Alala- CSS
18. Talk To Me- Peaches
19 Pretend We're Dead- L7
20. Bootylicious- Destiny's Child
21. Honeybear- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
22. Swan Lake- Thomas Tantrum
23. Celebrity Skin- Hole
24. Got Body If You Want It- Gossip
25. You'll Find A Way (Remix)- Santigold
26. Ice Cream- New Young Pony Club
27. Club Action- Yo Majesty
28. Declare Independence- Bjork

* This didn't really happen... it was a skirt and I didn't cry on account of me being dead inside.

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