Monday, 25 July 2011


This long neglected feature is making it's come back today folks and I've got a great song that's been going around in my head for a while. The song that has tickled my fancy for the last couple of months is 'I'm Not Stupid' by Cat's Eyes. 

Cat's Eyes are a boy girl duo consisting of unlikely musical allies Canadian classically trained soprano Rachel Zeffira and The Horror's frontman Faris Badwan. 

Now I can't say have always been a fan Faris' band The Horrors. The first time I heard of them I was a fresher at university who didn't take kindly to poseur-pseudo goths which is what I thought The Horrors were when I saw them live at Koko. They walked on, made a god awful racket and then left after 20 minutes. Not impressed.

After listening to less than 30 seconds of Cat's Eyes it is fair to say that Faris is completely forgiven for all his wrongdoing. Anyone that can recreate the orchestral brilliance of Spector's glory days is good in my books.

'I'm Not Stupid' is the theme tune for every frumpy, awkward girl who wishes life could be like the movies where the boy sees past the braces and prescription glasses and kisses the girl but knows it will never happen. 

The angst ridden song is complimented by Zeffira's vocals which are are as soft as marshmallow fluff. They sound like she is reading her diary aloud under her covers in her room quietly so her parents don't hear.

Hopefully we'll see more from the strikingly talented duo very soon but for now here's 'I'm Not Stupid'.

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