Monday, 22 August 2011

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Sunny Seaside Songs

At the beginning of August and I was a little too optimistic believing that it would be filled with scorching summer days and balmy evenings. In reality this summer we've had the odd sunny day but we've also had a lot of rain, grey drizzly afternoons, freezing nights and lots of riots (London went insane for a few days).

Nevertheless I believe the best way for us to collectively get through the disappointment this summer brought us is to repress it. Completely repress every negative feelings and memories and replace them with happy ones spent on the beach eating ice cream, in the park eating ice cream, on your sofa eating ice cream (I love ice cream).

To help you get started I've helpfully made a mixtape that you can listen to on repeat and force yourself to believe was the soundtrack to your imaginary summer. Aren't I helpful get repressing.

1. Crawled Out Of The Sea- Laura Marling
2. It's Getting Boring By The Sea- Blood Red Shoes
3. Summer Special- Land Of Talk
4. Angels and Seagulls- Kimya Dawson
5. Beach Girls- Sleigh Bells
6. Summertime- The Chantels
7. Redondo Beach- Patti Smith
8. Endless Sea- Lauren Shera
9. Ray of Sunshine- Go Sailor
10. He's My Surfin' Guy- The Beach Girls
11. Sunlight- tUne YArds
12. Summer Sun- Voodoo Queens
13. Cicada Summer- Partyline
14. Beach Song- The Suicide Notes
15. When Summer is Through- Chalk and Numbers
16. Bigger Than an Ocean- Go Sailor
17. Out For The Sun- Vivian Girls

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