Friday, 19 March 2010

**Random Selection**

Hello readers, Don't Dance Her Down Boys is back.

I have been pretty busy lately and have completly forgot about this site but that will change as of now and will start regularly blogging again.

To celebrate I have a new feature to share with you.

It's a monthly feature called Random Selection. Basically each month I will round up every artist that I have always heard of but never got round to listening to. I'll put all their names in a hat, or stick them on a dartboard whichever works best, and then one artist at random and write down my intial reaction to hearing their music for the first time.

First up is Joan Armatrading.

I'd only heard good things about Joan but for one reason or another I never investigated for myself.

Joan Armatrading is a singer/songwriter who released her first album in the 70s and is still touring now.

Every video and picture of her paints her as an artist that defied the idea of what a singer should look like choosing  baggy shirt and trousers over tight dresses and always performing with her trusty guitar.

My favourite fact about her is that she got fired from her first job in a factory because she took her guitar to work and played during her breaks.

The first song I heard was 'I'm Lucky'. Immediately I was taken in by the synthy/80s sound and awkward  half sung/half spoken vocals.

The second song I heard was 'Love and Affection'.

The song begins "I'm not in love but I'm open to suggestion."

How can you not fall in love with that kind of honesty.

The third song I heard was 'Drop The Pilot'.

This has a very 80s theme tune feel but its catchy. I absolutely know idea what it's about as the lyrics are a mystery but I like it.

Ultimately I'm pretty annoyed I didn't take the time to find out about her earlier.  Do you ever get that feeling when you hear someone for the first time that you've found the missing link. That missing piece that connects all your favourite artists in one huge creative jigsaw.

Let me know what you think. Who made you think twice? Who stopped you in your tracks? Who was your missing link?


  1. I may have to check out Ms Armatrading more now, I love the song 'The weakness in me' Its featured in '10 Things I hate about you' its just so sad, her voice is haunting. Thanks for posting this.


  2. I know she's really amazing and she'll be touring the uk soon.