Sunday, 7 March 2010

Let's Write It Down

News that Beth Ditto's rags to punk rock riches story will go down in history in the form of a memoir has got me thinking of the other memoirs that I need or really want to be published.

Courtney Love- Dirty Blonde
Although reviews have stated that Love's 2007 book, featuring letters, notes, lyrics and personal pictures, offers nothing new for fans I still think it will be an amzing read.  Despite the press trying to slander, demean and devalue her work over the years Love has remained; a survivor and a truly inspirational individual.

Patti Smith- Just Kids
Just Kids documents the naive yet loving relationship between Smith and Robert Mapplethorne who, in the early seventies, were both aspiring artist. The story behind the youthful, creative and ambitous crowd in seventies New York is one that everyone can enjoy.

PJ Harvey- You're Not Rid Of Me
Ok this one isn't real but I really want to hear a detailed story of the person behind the artist. I know it'll spoil the myth but I don't care i'm greedy.

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