Monday, 22 March 2010


Sleigh Bells blew my tiny little mind away when I first heard them.

Unlike the folk tinged tweeness their name suggest Sleigh Bells are 75% Bass and 25% amazing.

Now that's the perfect balance.

Sleigh Bells are a electro duo from Florida and Brooklyn who make bass heavy, girl tinged, hardcore club music.

Having recently signed to NEET recordings Sleigh Bells are over from Florida to woo us Brits, well mainly the Londoners but they'll be back.

I'm definitely going to check them out cuz if they can make my little room feel like a dirty underground electro club imagine what they sound like live.

UK Tour:
23 March- Madame Jo Jo's, London
24 March- Cargo, London
25 March- Notting Hill Arts Club, London
26 March- KOKO, London

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