Friday, 5 March 2010

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Consumerism Harms Women

"Are women happy consuming or being happily consumed?"

The issue of consumerism and how it negatively effects women in particular has been around for decades. X-ray Spex and The Slits were singing about it the seventies and The Gossip carried on that trend in the present day with their homage to Poly Styrene, 'Spare Me From The Mold'.

I really think consumerism is a particularly nasty evil in our world. I know I get too addicted to shopping to the point where I begin to think I'm incomplete if I don't buy that new bag or whatever.

So this mixtape is a compilation of what I think are some of the best songs about consumerism.

1. Spare Me from The Mold- Gossip
2. Everything- Sleater-Kinney
3. Art-I-Fical- X-ray Spex
4. Shopping Girl Maniac- Voodoo Queens
5. Spend, Spend, Spend- The Slits
6. Shop For America- Bratmobile
7. Teen Tighterns- Huggy Bear
8. Germfree Adolescents- X-ray Spex
9. Fairytale in the Supermarket- The Raincoats
10. Viva La Persistence- Kimya Dawson
11. Ghost of Corporate Future- Regina Spektor
12. Pop- M.I.A.
13. Aerobicide- Julie Ruin