Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Open the door of the indie advent calender to find today's christmas song.

Dear readers, I never got over the break up of The Long Blondes, their songs were indie pop perfection why did they have to leave me, as a result I've offered up there take on a christmas song.

If Christmas to you is just another day, you hate merriment, joy and are just a general grinch when it comes to anything seasonal then you'll probably love Christmas is Cancelled.

This is probably the most sour Christmas song ever written but that's why I love it.

Kate paints a picture of a lonely, bitter woman, regretting a love that went wrong leaving her alone on the worst day of the year to be alone.

All she has to keep her company is a plate of fish and chips and the Queen's message on the TV.

It's depressing, but catchy.

The Long Blondes- Christmas is Cancelled

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