Thursday, 9 December 2010


Punk royalty Viv Albertine is back to show the youngun's how it's done when it comes to and all things festive.

After seeing Viv in all her glory at Ladyfest Ten I couldn't wait to devour all of her solo work in one almighty gulp, so you'll probably understand why I'm so happy she has recently released a christmas song.

'Home Sweet Home (At Christmas)' is basically a re-recording of an earlier song, 'Confessions of a MILF', but with some holly on top.

HSH is a lament to troubles of a lonely housewife trapped in a monotonous, soul destroying routine of "washing, cleaning, fucking" that spirals to the point where she could think of nothing worse than entering the house that has become the bain of her life.

Yeah... It sounds a bit depressing but if you love a bit of dark humour it's amazing.

(Not for fans of Cliff Richard)

Home Sweet Home (At Christmas)

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  1. Awesome song and awesome performance of "Confessions" at Ladyfest Ten. Reaches parts other Christmas songs can't!