Saturday, 8 May 2010


Another month, another mouth-watering track for me and you to obsess over.

This month's main obsession could be many tracks. I've just started to get into Ellie Goulding, Rye Rye's brilliance never seems to fail and of course there's the new Beyonce track.

I decided that the song I've been listening to the most is 'Look Me In The Eye Sister' by Groove Armada featuring the delightful Jessica Larrabee of She Keeps Bees fame.

This song has been doing the rounds on the radio, it's played at least 6 times a day on 6music, but I never tire of it.

Jessica really makes this track with her gutsy, bluesy vocals put to full use. Sometimes I think you can forget about small bands like She Keeps Bees but whenever you hear them again you remember exactly why you first liked them and find like five new reasons to like them again.

Though I love this song, I do hate that random girl they bring in to mime to the song when they perform live. Her gurning and over the top performance ruins the entire mood of the song and it is also very, very obvious that she is miming.  I don't know if they did that on purpose but either way it's awful.

But the song is not awful, the song is absolute perfection.

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