Monday, 10 May 2010

**MIXTAPE ALERT** Revolt! Revolt!

Since we've all been whipped into a political frenzy what with this election that's been going on I thought I would put together a mixtape of some powerful protest songs.

Let's face it, we'll need them pretty soon.

1. New Kicks- Le Tigre
2.Viva La Persistence- Kimya Dawson
3. Pull Up The People- M.I.A
4. Trophy Wife- Partyline
5. Combat Rock- Sleater-Kinney
6. Keep On Livin'- Le Tigre
7. People Have The Power- Patti Smith
8. Fuck Or Kill- Peaches
9. I Wanna Know What Love Is- Julie Ruin
10. Standing In The Way Of Control- Gossip
11. Her Jazz- Huggy Bear
12. Systematic Death- Crass
13. The Gap (Between The Rich And The Poor)- You Say Party! We Say Die!
14. Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover)- Sleater-Kinney
14. Declare Independence- Bjork

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