Saturday, 29 May 2010

GIG REVIEW: Class Actress @ The Lexington 14/5/10

I got offered a freebie through work to see Class Actress. Since I had heard a little about them before I decided to head down to The Lexington to check them out.

Class Actress is a the one woman project of New Yorker Elizabeth Harper who makes harsh, synth laden  disco tunes circa 1970s New York.

The Lexington is another one of those pubs who on first glance look too small to fit a whole alternative night in there but they can and with plenty of room to spare unfortunately but I'll talk about that later.

First I have to admit to something. This gig was so long ago, well not that long ago but I'm forgetful, that I completely forgot who the support act was. She was a extremely perky Japanese singer with cute songs and an obsession with British comedy. If anyone went to the gig and remembered who she was please get in touch.

Anyway to the part of the gig I can fully recall. Oh yes I couldn't forget Class Actress opening to about 20 people in a room that could hold about 150. I felt so sorry for her but she carried on regardless. The room did fill up but slowly. It was like people were afraid of the stage and inched their way forward, checking that the coast was clear.

Elizabeth took cues from her favourite female performers and took command of the stage which is a hard thing to do when it was just her and a guy on synths.

'Journal of Ardency' is without a doubt her best song. It has an amazing beat and has the effect that all good songs do to you and that is to sound like a well established song.

I really enjoyed Class Actress although personally for me there is only so long I can listen to electronic music before I remember it was made by computers and then it just sounds cold and I can't get over it. It was a great gig and I thought Class Actress were a great band but there is only so much I can take when there's more than one synth involved.

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