Monday, 31 May 2010

GIG REVIEW: The Raincoats + Trash Kit @ Scala 20/05/10

To say I was a little excited about this gig would be a hell of an understatement. I was bouncing off the walls just thinking that I was going to see the legendary post-punkers The Raincoats, but first on were Trash Kit.

Now I know Trash Kit have a lot of fans, though it seemed to be just a meagre 20 or so in the barely full Scala that night, and I do like some of their songs, their energy and their general approach to music but they NEED to learn a new chord. Not a lot, start slow, but at least one that will stop the opening to every song, and they had a lot, sounding alike.

Their single Cadets is an example of when Trash Kit get it right. The off kilter guitar riff and battle cry vocals make well dressed alternative kids want to move their skinny limbs to.

Now to The Raincoats who, thanks to ATP, played their first influential album 'The Raincoats' in full. You would think that knowing which songs would be played next would ruin the evening but it didn't. If anything it made the night that much more exciting. Since everyone there were fans or super fans the atmosphere was electric. If you've never been in a room full of people singing along to The Raincoats powerful cover of The Kinks Lola then you haven't lived.

Even though it has been 30 years since the release of their first album it hasn't aged a bit. The songs bounce and flow like they always did and The Raincoats themselves are just as good as they ever were. 'No Side to Fall In' sounded amazing and 'No Looking' was so good they played it twice. This was definitely one of the best gigs I've been to this year. If you're one of the few who haven't been influenced by The Raincoats then take the time to get to know them, it'll be worth it.

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