Friday, 27 November 2009


A recent article in the Guardian took the good part of 2000 words trying to convince the reader that hip hop was dead. While intelligently written and well thought through I believe the simple explanation for 50 Cent, Akon and the rest is that they have become lazy. Using old beats, relying on cliches and working only for the money has made the formerly political and aggressive form of art become just another pop song.

Hip hop, like indie, is on its last legs and could die if it doesn't diversify and look to others for new ways of creating intelligent music. There are only so many songs about bitches, hos and grills the public can take.

Hip hop should not, and will not, die but it should start from scratch and begin to look at music in a completely different way. I suggest that we look to the fringes for inspiration.

Those who have been on the fringes since the beginning have been women which is why I believe, scratch that, KNOW they are the future of hip hop.

Female rappers have had completely different issues that they want to rap about, whether it's sexism, sexuality, or world issues.

I hope you enjoy this mixtape, it's got some of my favourites on. It may be questionable to call some of the artists on this mixtape rappers but they're on this because I think they have added a lot to the genre.

Bamboo Banga- M.I.A
Boom (I Got Your Boyfriend)- MC Luscious
Salute Yr Nurse- Jenna Riot
Don't Need No- Pink Dollaz
U.N.I.T.Y- Queen Latifah
Rapture- Blondie
Get Your Freak On- Missy Elliott
Club Action- Yo Majesty
Bang- Rye Rye and M.I.A
Push It- Salt-N-Pepa

We Like The Cars That Go Boom- L'Trimm
Lost Ones- Lauryn Hill
Ship- Micachu
Make It Take It- Amanda Blank
Topknot- M.I.A
Billionaire- Peaches
Creator- Santigold

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