Friday, 20 November 2009

Girls Are Followers Not Leaders

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be posting about Lady Gaga but here I am. I appreciate that she is doing well, she does make good pop songs (I can't get Bad Romance out my head) and she is certainly different but at lot of her sucess is built on sexuality, porn star sexuality at that.

To get get back to my original point the Guardian recently wrote a piece somehow linking a few girl popstars, some new some not, to Lady Gaga. The girls featured in the article are Nikki Jane, Eva Simons and Janelle Monae. There isn't much of a basis for the article and it kinda just feels like the Editor told them "Shove Lady Gaga somewher in that story will you, we need a tedious celebrity link".

I doubt it was meant in the way that I perceive but it can't be denied that every new female artist has to be linked to a previous one to validate them as such. This happened to Lady Gaga when she first popped onto the scene. The next time you see a woman who plays guitar in a music magazine I bet you they'll be compared to PJ Harvey. It's lazy journalism and it should not be accepted. Women have more influences than the last flavour of the month.

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