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GIG REVIEW: Peggy Sue @ ICA 6/11/09

Peggy Sue + Sons of Noel and Adrian + Mechanical Bride + Lulu & The Lampshades

My evening started out with me in a distressed and panicked state lost in central London, yes that’s right I am so dense that I can get lost in central London, right next to Trafalgar square.

Anyway let’s skip to me actually at the ICA. The venue as a whole is pretty impressive and caters to every type of alternative music. I’m actually signed up to their, well I don’t know what it is but they send me press releases of their upcoming events hoping that I will promote them on my site or go and review them. They have confused me with a blog that can actually influence people.

Anyway I digress. The Peggy Sue gig was held in the theatre space which is basically a medium sized room with no character whatsoever. I was late and missed Lulu & the Lampshades which is a shame because I really wanted to see what they are like live.

Before I start my review properly I have to confess that I do not really like the acoustic, folk, “I’m bringing back the ukulele ‘cause it was always so cool” thing that’s going on right now. I am sorry. I never have liked it. I’m used to the more guttural, angsty sounds of the guitar, anything less just sounds pathetic.

But I am willing to change and both L&TL and Peggy Sue could be the bands to have me drooling over a ukulele or even a violin.

The first band on were Mechanical Bride. Their songs mainly comprised of ghostly harmonies, slow moving bass lines and haunting accordions. I enjoyed what I heard and the lead singer has a beautiful voice but it’s something I need to look into before I make my mind up about them. The best place for music like this is not necessarily a gig. They would probably be more at home as the soundtrack to a seance.

The next band on were Sons of Neil who were a ten string gang made up of numerous guitarists’ violinists and drummers of all shapes and sizes. They had a little bit of stamping along with the bass drum while playing. This got annoying after the lead singer did it for three songs in a row. I didn't like this band. I didn’t like the numbers, the folky tones, the beards nothing.

But it doesn’t matter because here comes Peggy Sue, formerly known as Peggy Sue and the Pirates I never found out why they changed their name. Rosa and Katy both seem shocked that the gig is packed out and repeatedly thank the audience for coming. They were joined by newish recruit Olly on the drums who helped pound in the Peggy Sue rhythms into our skulls.

It is easy to get carried away by a band like Peggy Sue. With their soulful voices, pounding drum beats and simple riffs it's no wonder they have a hoarde of guys and girls eating up their every riff.

I loved the new song 'Yo Mama' which includes the "My mama she gave me these lungs/ my papa he gave me this tongue". 'The Sea The Sea' was a big hit with the crowd and had everyone bopping up and down to the girls’ soulful rhythms.

When all was said and done I can honestly say I still don't like acoustic folk music. I like good, moving emotional music. Sometimes it will crossover and include some music that may contain an acoustic guitar, such as Peggy Sue and L&TL, but very rarely.

If you are intrigued by this post Peggy Sue head up north at the end of November.

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