Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I've started reliving my teenage years and have begun listening to early Sugababes again. After the numerous lineup changes, fights, bitching and bullying the Sugababes are only a shadow of their former selves. In my opinion they lost it when Mutya left, she definitely was the spark that made the band.

'Freak Like Me' has been on rotation on my iTunes and it looks like it's gonna stay there for a while. Adrina Howard's hypersexual lyrics, an 'Are Friends Electric' remix, Richard X production and the girls husky vocals. It's a perfect pop song and a shining example to wannabe girl bands (and the current state of the Sugababes), they don't have to be flat, lifeless vessels with even flatter more lifeless songs for record companies to make money. You can be good, you can be amazing, you can be like Sugababes version 2.

Also it takes me back to simpler, more innocent times and it was only eight years ago. Look at their performance on Top of the Pops. There were singing a song about sex and the passionate female sexuality and look at them. Not a PVC outfit in sight, just jeans and cute tops. And their dance moves consist of simple girl groups formations rather than the booty shaking that the current Sugababes line up indulge in.

Mutya recently joked that all the orignial members should regroup. I think we all know that for the sake of pop music they should.


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