Thursday, 10 February 2011

Introducing SPF 5000

Originally published at The Girls Are

“It’s hot in herrre” as the plaster-wearing rapper Nelly would say. But it’s not his motley crew of rappers and big-butted girls turning up the heat – it’s Boston based duo SPF 5000 that are making us all sweaty.

Made up of vocalist/songwriter Amy Douglas and producer Rob Phillips, SPF 5000 stands for “scuzzy, pop, fulfilment” and that is certainly what they make. Debut single ‘White Hot Fantasy’ is pure filth, writhing around in your head creating sick little fantasies as it goes.

The band state that they are inspired by what they describe as “triple threat juggernauts” such as Chic, The Eurythmics and The Neptunes. The band have even made a DJ mix to keep their songs in context, framed around their contemporaries and influences.
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