Friday, 16 October 2009

Sleater-Kinney Guitarist Stars in Portland Film

As well as running the top class music blog, Monitor Mix, over at NPR it seems the ex Sleater-Kinney guitarist has been working away on a movie.

Carrie Brownstein stars alongside Shins frontman James Mercer in Portland filmmaker Matt McCormick's first feature film Some Days Are Better Than Others.

Brownstein stars as Katrina a twenty-something, she can get away with it, TV junkie and video diarist who realises the things she values in life might not count for much. Mercer plays Eli a 30-something slacker who makes excuse after excuse and blames society for why he won't get a job.

Though we only have a trailer to go it's fair to say it looks pretty bleak. The press release describes the film as such:

Some Days are Better Than Others is Matt McCormick’s poetic, character-driven debut feature-length film that asks why the good times slip by so fast while the difficult times seem so sticky. The film explores ideas of abundance, emptiness, human connection and abandonment while observing an interweaving web of awkward characters who maintain hope by inventing their own forms of communication and self-fulfillment.
The trailer certainly demonstrates the 'emptiness' and 'abandonment' that McCormick wants to demonstrate. We see Brownstein emptily sit by a toliet bowl, two people in a car looking at a miserable horizon, a woman look out from a bus window into the unforgiving wilderness that is our world. I could give many, many more examples.

though it looks as I said bleak I'm still looking forward to seeing it when and if it comes to the UK. It at least takes a stab at being intelligent rather than the mass produced rubbish that I've had to review lately, I name will no names.

Some Days are Better than Others (trailer) from matt mccormick on Vimeo.

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  1. that movie looks awesome, i ♥ carrie brownstein! ps i just discovered yr blog, it's awesome! i'm listening to the mixtapes already <3

  2. awww thanks, i've been a bit busy lately but there should be loads of new posts pretty soon.