Saturday, 3 October 2009

Heavens To Betsy- Demo

This is a recording of Heavens To Betsy's first demo tape. Heavens To Betsy were made up of Tracey Sawyer and Corin Tucker (later of Sleater-Kinney fame). The group was born during the full rage of the riot grrrl scene in Portland in the early 90s.

The songs include the various themes that riot grrrl was interested in e.g. sexism, rape and domestic violence. Corin even mentioned in an interview that she based her vocal style, in the early days, on Kathleen Hanna's, of Bikini Kill fame, infamous scream.

The recording is from a cassette so the quality isn't too good but it's worth it to hear rare songs.

'Seek and Hide' and 'Good Food'- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Good Food
Seek and Hide
Stay Dead
My Red Self
Ain't Never Goin' Back
Baby's Gone
My Secret

Heavens to Betsy- Demo

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