Sunday, 25 October 2009

Five Girl Bands You Need To See This Winter

Spring is over, Summer is gone and now we only have to cold reality of Winter to look forward too or so we think. There are a host of bands that are touring just to make you feel better, and maybe to make some money, but it's basically all for you so why don't you go. Here are just a few bands that will liven up your life.

The Gossip
Beth and the other two, I kid the other two are very talented, will be hitting a few more UK venues at the end of their UK tour. I saw them just as they were getting big at the Astoria and they were amazing. Nathan paced the stage in a ferocious, manic way, Hannah is a strong drummer and kept the beat going so you couldn't stop dancing and Beth, well you can guess what Beth was like. Even though she had a sore throat she sounded and looked amazing. You need to see this band.

The Gossip will be performing at the HMV Forum on 28th November next as part of the NME CALLING tour. For more information click here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This is a band that I have always wanted to see but for one reason or another I have just never got the chance to see them. I really want to be there when Karen O dedicates 'Maps' to the audience. She does it at nearly every show but it's good bit so why would she get rid of it. Like The Gossip, YYYs like to put on a show so don't worry about leaving there disappointed. Expect to be blinded by a shower of colours, glitter and the greatness that is Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will start their Winter tour of the UK in Leeds on 29th November. Most of the tour is sold out now but their are a few tickets left in Newcastle and Sheffield. For more information click here.

Stealing Sheep
Stealing Sheep are a collective of ladies, and by collective I mean three, from Norway, Canada and England who want to share their love of contemporary folk ditties with the world. This band are new on my radar; I found them while I was researching upcoming events for my work. In a way their sporadic violin playing and harmonies are reminiscent of The Raincoats. Tomorrow they are starting a 'Batteries Not Included' tour of Manchester which will see them biking from venue to venue to play unplugged melodies. I'm definitely going to try and see them when they come down south.

Stealing Sheep will be playing at the Fuel Cafe in Manchester tomorrow. For more Information click here.

Queen of shock-rock Peaches plays a one-off date in the UK at Camden's Koko. If you have seen the videos from you'll know that Peaches is putting on a show and half for this tour. The show involves multiple costume changes, Peaches standing on top of the crowd and a 'pussy light'. I have decided I will be there no matter what get in touch if you will be too I want to see how many fans Peaches has.

For more information click here and here.

Emily & The Faves
This band is also very new on my radar but I'm dedicated to finding out more about them. Emily & The Faves are a Liverpool based band that make lo-fi, home made sounding tunes. Their guitar riffs are always spot on, bouncy and vibrant like Sleater-Kinney circa 1999.

Emily & The Faves will be performing at An Outlet on the 27th October. For more information click here.

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