Sunday, 14 February 2010

*MIXTAPE ALERT* Wordy Rappinghood

Here's my mixtape for my new blog Wordy Rappinghood. I made this because I've become obsessed with making mixtapes, I'm three simultaneously right now.

The dictionary corner mixtape features songs about the beauty of language, words, how they sound and how we write.

I hope you like it cuz you're not getting another one. This will become the theme tune for Wordy Rappinghood. Oh, by the way can you guess what the first track is?

Wordy Rappinghood- Tom Tom Club
Hubcap- Sleater-Kinney
Consequence of Sounds- Regina Spektor
Four Letter Word- Gossip
Word Up!- Cameo
A Little Word in Your Ear- Tom Vek
Losin' Ground- PJ Harvey & John Parish
1000 Words- Those Dancing Days
Words and Smiles- Tiger Trap
Word Up ft. Ghostface Killah- MSRTKRFT
Words and Guitars- Sleater-Kinney

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