Friday, 5 February 2010

GIG REVIEW: She Keeps Bees @ Black Heart

I had been dying to see She Keeps Bees live for about 5 months so when I found out they were being put on by The Allotment, a lovely group that bring a friendly home grown vibe to every gig they put on, at the Black Heart in Camden I jumped at it.

I was also really excited about this gig because Lulu and the Lampshades were playing. I had the chance to see them when I went to see Peggy Sue but was too late and missed them. Well guess what happened this time. Yep, I missed them again. I caught the last few seconds of their last song and they were off.

Next on were Peggy Sue. This was a nice little surprise because I had no idea they would be playing.  They played favourites such as 'The Sea' and 'Yo Mama' and also treated the crowd to some tidbits from their upcoming album which will be released on Wichita later in the year.

She Keeps Bees were amazing. It's strange how effective bands can be with such a simple format. drums, guitar, and mind-meltingly delicious vocals.  Jess really is an true front woman and had the crowd in the palm of her hand from the get go. She talked between songs about her friends in London, her dodgy guitar and, memorably, her mother's present to her of anti-wrinkle cream. She must be only 27 surely.

I can't get enough of Jess' voice, it has that shaky, soulful aspect to it that you don't hear very often. Their set seemed short but that's probably because I didn't want them to stop.

What can I say the bands were amazing, the venue was great and there were a mountain of free cakes on offer. I can't get any better can it.

For more photos see Anika In London.

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