Friday, 12 February 2010

Bikini Kill Needs You

Being the dedicated Riot Grrls that I know you all are you've probably seen that Bikini Kill have put a call out to all of those who have a memory, thought or personal anecdote about Bikini Kill to send her your thoughts.

Please add your Bikini Kill story to this blog! It can be totally off the top of your head and doesn’t need to be fancy. Maybe it’s your reaction to a song we wrote, something weird that happened at one of our shows, a personal anecdote or just WHATEVER. Feel free to send images too!
Send yr story to and we will post it or just leave a comment somewhere on the site. Thanks!

She's also looking for videos and photos of old Bikini Kill shows so hopefully this online project will turn into a documentary of some sort, so it looks like we have something to look forward to.

For more info:

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