Friday, 18 December 2009

Radio Killed The Video Star

A couple of weeks ago I started to get bored of my iTunes playlist. I needed something different to listen to but i didn't want to add anymore tracks to my ever increasing library. I still have songs from a couple of months ago that I haven't listened to properly yet.

Then I found, through Grrrl Sounds, the two Glaswegian boys of SPILL Radio who only play the best music that has been graced with the feminine touch.

I was really inspired by this and it made me realise how little mainstream radio plays female music. There are rarely two within half an hour and never back to back.

This led me to seek out other radio stations or podcasts that feed my, and many others, need for girl noise. Here are a list of the best radio shows serving the grrrl community.
Run by two guys from Glasgow, any requests for music by men gets immediately chucked out and a Le Tigre record goes on immediately to make up for the idea that boys would get played on their show. Their Chick Rap show inspired my Lady Rap Mixtape. There is always a theme to each broadcast along with a few games too.

Venus Radio
Our search for lady-loving radio shows takes us to the Montreal-based Venus radio show. Hosted by the lovely Anna and Catherine Venus takes us through the best indie girl music. Anna and Catherine are my kind of girls stating that they want to meet 'ladies, girls, grrrls, bitches, dames, broads, chicks, les filles, sisters, women, wimmin, wymyn, hos, hollaback girls, sistas, lesbros, mujares, and those from the planet Venus'. The show is broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM but you can stream it online here.

Suck My Left One
There are so many Riot Grrrl related groups that use the infamous Bikini Kill song as their title that its a bit hard to distinguish one from the other except for the subcity radio show that is. Suck My Left One play records from the sixities girl groups to noughties electroclash artists. Taking the Riot Grrl movement as a starting off point Suck My Left One seeks to 'unearth new music from queers, grrrls, zinesters, punks, freaks and electro-geeks carrying the torch of Revolution Girl Style Now!'

Sisters of Revolution
Sisters of Revolution is a California based radio show hosted by an English Riot Grrrl. The show is described as being about 'frenzied female noises, sonic melodies, thrashing beats - celebration and feminist fury'. It seems that Sisters of revolution have taken a break from broadcasting but fear not you can still download past broadcasts online from here.


  1. another great one to check out is jessica's "this is new radio" i can't find the link to listen to her actual show online right this minute because imeem is gone (!?) but here is her blog

  2. Thanks, I think I came across this in my searches but i thought it had gone off the air,

  3. You MUST check out The Other Woman on Resonance FM, hosted by Ruth Barnes. She recently had the author of Typical Girls - The Story Of The Slits (Zoe Street Howe) as a guest, and is also due to feature the founder of Wears The Trousers magazine. It's frackin amazing. Great article by the way lovely! x

  4. Thanks I'll check that out x.x.x.