Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Cribs Are Very Lovely Blokes

The Cribs have showed time and time again that they are lovers of the ladies.

The Wakefield boys were on the verge of cancelling their gig at the Donchester Dome after their support act, the inspirational Slits, started to get abuse from the crowd.

A few beered up lads at the front decided to put on, as the Cribs described it, a "disgustingly chauvinistic display of small-mindedness."

The band stated: "The thing that bothered us most is that this reception can't possibly have been anything to do with the music," they said. "Also, just to make it clear, these people [crowd members throwing items] didn't bother or upset The Slits in any way. They played on, and the show of unity from the rest of the bands on the bill, as well as the way The Slits carried themselves, was not only a moral victory but also pretty moving."

What did the Slits do during all this drama. They kept playing like the pros they are and branded the perpatrators as "dickheads with the loudest mouths".

I love these girls.

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