Saturday, 14 February 2009


Straight outta Norwich, that phrase sounded a lot cooler when the NWA coined it, Bearsuit are the kind of boy/girl cutie twee indie band that would have Everett True salivating for more.

I'm loving their low key vibe. They are kinda on the same wave-length as Los Campesinos and Huggy Bear. They are the kinda band that make intentional spelling mistakes like spelling 'your' as 'yr' just because it's cool and makes you feel just that little bit younger.

My favourite songs are 'Foxy Boxer' and 'Pushover'. The main reason I like them is that they got ridiculously excited when Kathleen Hanna, or someone running a Kathleen Hanna fan page it's not been confirmed yet, added them as a friend on MySpace. This shows they are a. human and b. have an amazing taste in music not unlike my own I must say.

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